Last Man On Earth (S02E15) “Fourth Finger”

Review: Last week’s rivalry between Phil and Mike came to the point where Mike shaved off half of Phil’s hair, right before Phil was about to apologize to him. Phil tries to get back at Mike, which leads to a series of pranks between the two, in which Mike is obviously the most successful one. But then Phil comes up with something that will make the pranks stop forever: he has a letter from their mom, written to Mike when he was in space and will only give it to Mike if the pranks stop. At night, Mike starts searching for the letter and finds it, only to see that it was a fake letter that Phil wrote. Mike walks away devastated and Phil realizes that this was one step too far. In the end, he gives Mike the real letters their parents wrote to him and he explains why he feels the need to be better than him: Phil is jealous and always felt like he was the second son in the family. He then apologizes and the two brothers share a nice moment together.

Todd is having a hard time dividing his time between Gail and Melissa, taking care of Erica and helping Phil prank his brother. But he is still trying to help everybody and will always keep doing that, he says in a speech. After this speech, Carol comes to Todd with one simple request: for him to put Phil’s baby inside of her. Todd’s answer is clear: “You got it”.

Although I enjoyed this episode more than I did last week, the tension in the group still doesn’t feel great. It makes Phil very unlikeable to me. That might be the whole idea behind it because that is his personality, but it makes the episodes less enjoyable. The weirdest thing is that Mike, who also does some shitty things to Phil, doesn’t become less likeable to me.. This week, the pranks and just Phil’s (and later Todd’s) look made up for some of the problems I have with the whole dynamic and I think that the two brothers really have made up now and that things will change at least a little bit. I’m also really curious about Todd and Carol and what will happen to them next.

Rating: 8.5/10