Grey’s Anatomy (S12E20): “Trigger Happy”

Review: The episode starts off with Arizona and Callie drinking coffee and discussing Callie’s plan to move to New York. They are not on the same page though, because there is really nothing to talk about since Callie has already made up her mind and expecting to bring Sofia with her. When Callie presents Arizona some flyers of schools in New York she is done talking to her. Callie doesn’t seem to understand why Arizona is mad at her and goes to Penny. Penny is being very mature about the whole thing and makes it clear that she doesn’t have any say (yet) regarding Sofia’s life and she is going to stay out of this discussion. Callie also informs Bailey that she is moving to New York, but Bailey does not understand why she would want to give up her position as head of her department to chase after a resident.

Bailey has other things on her mind. It has just been a week since she suspended her boyfriend from the resident program. How are Ben Warren and dr. Bailey doing? Well, Ben thinks he can still make the best out of his 6-month suspension from the resident program, after all he does have 7 years of experience as an anesthesiologist… And so he applies for his old job again. Jackson warns him and suggests he talks to Bailey about this first. Warren doesn’t listen and is very excited about his plans, because this way he can still earn a living and get time in the OR. I don’t think dr. Warren can handle the whole ‘my wife is my boss’ thing after all. When dr. Bailey finds out he applied for a job as an anesthesiologist again (and by this he is undermining her authority) she tells him not to take the job or find another place to live. Enough said.

In the meantime there has been brought in an 8-year old boy with a gunshot wound who has been shot by his 8-year old friend. This happened how? Well, the boys were having a playdate and when the babysitter turned her back for a moment to make them food the boys found themselves a gun to play with. The gun was locked up – according to mother whose son just has been shot – but the boys managed to find it anyway. In surgery everybody has of course an opinion on whether or not you should be able to own a gun and they start a pro/cons conversation. It turns out Jo actually has a gun hidden under the bed without Alex knowing.  Alex and Amelia are able to save the 8-year-old with the gunshot wound, but he will be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. After delivering the news to the parents Amelia is concerned about the boy who fired the gun. She tries to comfort the little boy, whose been silently sitting in the waiting room all day hoping he did not murder his friend, by assuring him it is not his fault and that he didn’t mean to do this.

The other patient case is one of Meredith’s. Meredith’s patient is waiting in the hospital to have a tumor removed, but is also very excited for finally going to meet the guy she has been dating for a year now. But when the man shows up he looks nothing like his profile picture. She wants him to leave, but apparently he hadn’t been the only one lying, because she told him she was close to dying.  Stephanie is on Meredith’s service and accidentally send Meredith a text that was meant for a former patient of hers, Kyle Diaz, with whom she has been texting (and sexting) for a while now. Meredith is teasing Stephanie about Kyle all day, but Stephanie finally does go on a date.

Meanwhile Arizona has opened up to dr. Webber about Callie moving to New York and wanting to take Sofia away from her. Dr. Webber tells Arizona she should try to work it out with Callie instead of taking action that might cause more harm to the situation (read: Japril drama). By the end of the day Callie does try to apologize to Arizona for ‘jumping the gun’, but Arizona doesn’t want to talk to Callie anymore and suggest Callie contacts her lawyer if she wants to discuss things.

Speaking of lawyers and relationship drama. The Japril drama seems to have been evaporated completely. April and Jackson are suddenly getting along and April even asked Jackson to come to her OB appointment. It would have been so much easier (for everyone) if they could have just skipped to this part immediately. But I’m not becoming too much of an optimist. April could still become a crazy pregnant women. We should be prepared.

Also we finally know the whole story about Riggs, Owen and his sister Meg. Meg didn’t get on the helicopter, because Riggs cheated on her. Meg got on the helicopter because Owen told her to go and get away from Riggs (who had cheated on her). Owen has felt so guilty ever since and blames himself for his sister’s death. Amelia comforts Owen by telling him it was not his fault and that he didn’t mean to.