Scandal (S5E18): “Till Death Do Us Part”

Review: Last we saw of Olivia was her standing over a dead body and being delivered to Rowan and Jake, because she needed help getting her life back on track and deal with what she’s done. Who better to go to than your ex-boyfriend, who was once a B6-13 agent and is now head of the NSA and currently living with your dangerous and power hungry father, right? Well, you’d think they’d at least have some advice, but Olivia’s current situation doesn’t seem to have improved. She spends most of her time in her childhood bedroom and refuses to get out of bed in the mornings. The question is how much of it is real?

Also we learn a lot about Jake’s past. Apparently he had a drunk as a father, who beat up his mother and sexually abused his little sister. Jake, whose real name is Pete Harris, joined the Navy but got in trouble a lot since he wasn’t a big fan of his superiors. He was about to get discharged for fighting his fellow officers when Rowan stepped in, gave him a new name and “helped” him to get out (or do we see blackmailed him into becoming his bitch?).  Anyhow somehow Rowan managed to break Jake and he eventually committed himself to Rowan and became a B6-13 agent. And we all know what happens when you become a B6-13 agent. Once you’re in you don’t get out. No one takes command.

In the present time there is some serious wedding planning going on. The wedding has moved up to this Saturday. But there is still an engagement party to get to first. Olivia is still mentally breaking down and not in the mood for  celebrating. Jake almost doesn’t go to his own party because of it. Olivia on the other hand is just trying to cause tension between Jake and Vanessa, because she is still trying to find out what Rowan and Jake are up too by faking a mental breakdown. Yes, Olivia is faking her mental breakdown or a least parts of it. I mean she did actually kill someone so shouldn’t she actually be having a hard time dealing with that? I don’t know, it’s just a thought.  Rowan makes sure Jake goes to the party though, leaving Olivia behind and giving her time to come up with a new plot against them.

As for the party.  I am a bit confused why the White House would host Jake and Vanessa’s engagement party, but well no one seems to be surprised about that. Also, the fact that Jake and Fitz are standing on the balcony (White House balcony) talking about Olivia and what it means to commit to a marriage is kind of weird. Again, I am confused, because as far as I’m concerned Jake and Fitz weren’t exactly best buddies. When Jake comes home Olivia is putting up a show again pretending to be drunk and depressed. Jake definitely got fooled and finally admits to her that he doesn’t love Vanessa (duh). And that he is still in love with Liv (probably always will). The reason why Rowan wants Jake to marry Olivia is so that he can become vice-president and for that you need a wealthy, well-connected, respected lawyer and good-looking blonde on your side. Olivia storms off, but comes back for a kiss and some more.  Jake and Olivia are all lovie-dovie again. All they need now is a plan to break Jake free again from Rowan (and his fiancée). Back at Pope and associates they figure Jake needs to leave Vanessa standing at the altar. This way he will lose all chances to ever become vice-president.

Unfortunately Rowan has already found out and is like four steps ahead of them. I mean how is this possible. The man is good, but he is not invincible. How did he know? And why can’t he stop his fight for power? What’s his deal anyway and can’t we get a recap from Rowan’s childhood? Rowan forces Olivia to break Jake’s heart and leave his name out of it or he will slit Jakes throat. And just moments before the ceremony starts, Olivia does as he says . Of course Jake doesn’t believe her at first and he accuses Rowan of interfering, but Olivia tells Jake he is too weak for her  and that she is still in love with Fitz, because he is the one she chose. As Jake is standing at the altar it looks like he is still going to blow off the wedding (I was so hoping he would), but then he says ‘I do’ anyway. And so Jake gets married with Vanessa and he can still become the vice-president of the United States. Till death do them part.