Black Butler Book of Circust

Black Butler Book of Circust is the third entry in the poplar anime base on the manga that came out in  September 2006 and still is on going.

The manga and anime  is about a boy by the name of Ciel Phantomhive who makes a deal with a demon by the name of Sebastian. The deal is Sabastian will be his servent until the day Ciel gets his revenge on the people resposable for killing his parents and after  Sabastian helps him with his revenge he will get to devour his soul.

The third season takes place during the events of the first season right after episode 15. Sabastian and Ciel set out to investigate this circus on orders of the Queen that comes to London and while this circus is in town young kids start disappearing off the streets. Both Sabastian and Ciel start working for this group circus people to try to figure out what really going on and who behind these kids disappearance.

The thing about Black Butler is the anime can be pretty dark and maybe too dark for some people who want to check out some good anime for the fact it deals with serous subjects that may make some people feel uncomfortable.

There are some pretty funny moments in Black Butler Book of Circust like when Ciel see Sabastian stand up and walk right on the circus floor to pet a tiger while also admiring it because he loves cats is a sight to see.

I will say one of the thing I missed a lot with Book of Circust is the lack of the other side characters that Black Butler normally has which is disapointing but I get what they were doing they wanted to focus a lot of time on the circus crew so you the viewer will have a understanding on there views on things and wait to save the other normal side characters until later which is ok if done right which Black Butler dose.

I really enjoyed how each episode wrap up and kept you watching until the final episode. Over all Black Butler Book of Circust a very good entry into the anime that I’m sure a lot of fans will like that are already fans.

you can buy this season from pretty much any retailer but I would say watch season one on Netflix before you check out this season so you have a better understanding on some things.

Black Butler Book of Circust would get a solid 5/5 and high reccomend if you like dark anime.