Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Review of Season 1

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is The CW’s new comedy that aired its first season finale a week ago. The show was picked up for an 18 episode freshman season and will be back next year for season 2.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical comedy about Rebecca, a young, successful lawyer who lives in New York, but moves to West Covina in California to pursue an old boyfriend she met at summer camp when she was sixteen. This premise seems to be something that can get old very fast, but the writers of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend really were able to keep the storylines fresh and not repetitive throughout the season. That’s how the show has turned into the best new comedy of the 2015/2016 TV season. The performances of the cast are really great as an ensemble, but also individually. Rachel Bloom even won a Critics’ Choice Award and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Rebecca Bunch.

Last week’s season finale ended with Rebecca and Josh, finally together. However, when Josh hears that Rebecca did move for him (something she has been denying ever since she got to West Covina), he doesn’t seem too happy. I thought it was very surprising that they went there in their season finale because now it looks like Rebecca finally gets what she wants, after seeing her struggle with her feelings for Josh for 18 episodes. I think it was a great move though because it can be explored in season 2, and I think it could get very interesting.

Even though the season has mostly revolved around that, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is not just about a girl who changes her whole life for love. No, it also tackles more serious issues like mental illness, feminism and sexual orientation and it shows one of the best friendships on TV right now between Paula and Rebecca. I love how much their friendship has grown in the past months and how much they are willing to do for each other.

Another thing that makes this show unique is the fact that every episode features different songs that add to the story. Interestingly enough, that was the thing that kept me from watching it in the first few months. I thought I didn’t like musicals, but apparently I do because after watching the first episode, I really loved it. Most songs have crazy lyrics, but some can be weirdly inspirational or relatable, which makes the musical numbers a great addition to the overall plot.

So all I can say is that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has just the perfect amount of crazy in its storylines and its songs and I am really looking forward to season 2!


Here are some of my personal favorites of this season:

Favorite episode: That Text Was Not Meant For Josh!

First of all, this episode deals with something that most people have experienced: that mini heart attack you get when you sent a text to the wrong person. But not only that, just the biggest part of the episode gives you an adrenaline rush because you just want everything to turn out fine for Rebecca (which it doesn’t eventually). And I also loved that we got to see Paula and Scott working together in this episode.

Another thing I really loved in this episode, the spoken theme song:


Favorite song: Settle For Me

I like this song because it’s very catchy and the clip is great too. They also use the song (or melody) for some other episodes and I think that’s really great.


Favorite character: Paula

I love how fearless Paula can be and how supportive she is of Rebecca. I think it’s very interesting that nobody seems to notice that she really is a serious stalker, but I think that’s really great.

dl21 - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Review of Season 1

I interviewed Donna Lynne Champlin, who plays Paula, last week. You can find the interview here!

Favorite minor character: Mrs. Hernandez

I really wonder why she doesn’t speak and the fact that Paula understands everything she means is just very funny to me.

ceg mf - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Review of Season 1

Most relatable character: Greg

I often laugh at what Greg says and then realize that I’m only laughing because it’s just so relatable and true.

ceg g - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Review of Season 1

Most relatable song: I Could If I Wanted To

This is the theme song of my life, I couldn’t stop singing this song for a week after the episode aired.


Favorite ship: White JoshFeather

Obviously. There is no other answer to this. I am not shipping Rebecca with either Josh or Greg right now, and the relationship between White Josh and Darryl is just very cute.

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Congrats to the cast and crew of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on a fantastic first season!

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