Game of Thrones: (S06E01) ‘The Red Woman’

As fans all around the world gathered for one of the best television shows to finally premiere, I constantly tried repeating to myself that I shouldn’t expect the best from this episode. As any real Game of Thrones fan should know, the real drama and unexpected twist come when we’re almost eight episodes into a season. However, as the theme song played and I cuddle up under my blankets with a huge bucket of popcorn, I couldn’t help but get swept away by the shows unmistakable allure. And to my surprise, the premiere episode was strong and very informative.

We have to firstly tackle one of the biggest unanswered question, is Jon Snow alive? By the looks of it, our beloved brooding saviour is dead. There’s no hint of a grimace or breath, he is dead. But if you do enough research you’ll know that nothing really stays dead in Westeros. So why protect Jon’s body? I initially thought Melisandre would order Davos and the last of the loyal soldier to protect the body but I was mistaken. The men are only in the room with his body because they’re afraid to die. Here’s my issue, they can’t keep this up for eight more episodes. Because there are a lot of theories roaming the internet that Jon will be reborn at the end of this season.

But one could also make the argument that loyal Jon Snow fans are simply grabbing at air. I even saw a few people post comments about the shape of Jon’s blood pool. I tried my best, but was there a dragon shaped in the snow?

God I wish there was.

I never once grew bored with this episode, which happens a lot when the beginning and middle of the season airs. I loved the Sansa and Brienne scene, the heart break of the Lannister’s was pure perfection and even Tyrion walking around Meereen was great. This episode was mostly about catching up with everyone to see what has happened after the Dance of Dragons.

I have to mention one important fact that completely won me over last night, the women of Game of Thrones. Excuse my language but BAD ASS. I loved seeing Brienne shock the men who just looked at her like she was nothing and the Dornish women who were once again strong and deadly. I love anyone going against the Lannister’s, whether they’re wearing beautiful gowns or not.

All in all, I loved this premiere episode and can’t wait to see what happens next. I know things will eventually die down until the last three episodes but its always worth it. And to make things better, the book readers are finally in the dark ad have no idea what will happen next.