Brice Fisher (Kidnap starring Halle Berry): Bully On-Screen & Chill Off-Screen

brice 6050 edited 800 - Brice Fisher (Kidnap starring Halle Berry): Bully On-Screen & Chill Off-ScreenBrice Fisher is a creative young teen actor performing roles within the comedy to drama genres in film and television. He’s in the movie “Kidnap” (as Tyler), starring Halle Berry and “The Tribes of Palos Verdes” (as Danny), starring Jennifer Garner. He also appears on the new NBC sitcom “Crowded” (as Joey).

Recently Brice took on a bully role in the holiday feature film “Christmas Trade” (as Francis) starring William Baldwin and Denise Richards. He also played a bully giving Brick a hard time in “The Middle” (season 7 “Cutting the Cord”).

Previously Brice costarred on two CBS series “Friends with Better Lives”, “Criminal Minds” (as Bobby) in the Season 9 pt. 1 finale, “Farmed and Dangerous” (as Jared) on Hulu, “The Goldbergs” (as Dante) on ABC, “Haunted Hathaways” (as Eddie) in the Haunted Toy Store episode. And he also was involved with two skits on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. One was with Josh Duhamel and the other for a new Hollywood hotel.

In addition to acting in television shows and movies, Brice co-hosts a web series talk show called “Between 2 Phat Kids”. Along with his co-host Wyatt McClure, the 5 minute long shows cover interviews of celebrities and social media stars and includes fun skits, shenanigans and mayhem.

Brice is from Yakima, WA and now resides in Hollywood, CA. Interesting fact; he is a Native American (Siletz Tribe).

Your career began in 2013 and you were really young at that time. What do you remember of your audition?

I came out to LA July of 2012 to get a feel for the business and to start training. I was supposed to stay for the summer and return home to Yakima, Washington.  Well we have gone home to visit, but we have been in LA ever since. The audition process was a learning experience and the best piece of advice I got when I was first starting out was from Casting Director Scott David. He taught us that “Thank You” means “Get Out” lol….It was really funny but a very helpful piece of information, because when you are new you don’t want to over stay your welcome in the audition room

Everyone has their own reason for joining the industry. What was yours?

I found out I loved acting and that was it…there is no other feeling like being on set and part of something. It is always awesome to see the final product and to be proud of what you have accomplished. I have noticed acting kids are different than other kids not involved in acting. There is a bond between us that is immediate and I have never met a mean kid yet.

You have appeared in various shows and movies. Quite impressive! Which series and movie was your favourite one to be a part of?

Thank you!! They are all favorites for different reasons…Kidnap, I got to work with Halle Berry…The Tribes of Palos Verdes, working with Oscar Nominated Producer Robbie Brenner, as well as Maika Monroe and Jennifer Garner. The Middle has been an amazing experience, I play a Bully along with Nick Alvarez and our parents laugh because we are so the opposite and always worried about the person we are bullying on the show. We are supposed to be slamming kids into lockers and we were like are you ok, let me hang onto you so you don’t hit your head lol.

How much have you learnt throughout the years?

Wow, so much. To see where I started and fast forward to now it is like night and day. I really love acting and I used to love comedy more than drama, but now I am a huge fan of drama and think that I am actually a better dramatic actor now even though I do a lot of comedy work. I also have a more comedic look although I think I might be growing out of my character look a little now.

Being in 2 of the very awesome comedy shows – The Goldbergs and The Middle. Were you a fan of the show before?  How did it feel to meet all the cast?

Yes!  It was funny because I watched both shows with my mom all the time and I would say, that is one for the bucket list!  I booked the Goldbergs first and it was like a dream!! Then when I booked The Middle, I was like…is this really happening? It is crazy to watch yourself on your favorite show.  We had to improv on The Goldbergs and that was a little scary. I didn’t want to look like an idiot….but they didn’t cut me out so I must have been ok.

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The Middle’s Bullies.

How do you prepare for each role? Any traditions?

I always work with my coach. I have worked with some amazing coaches in the past 3 years, but right now Geoff Kennedy is my go to guy. He really helps me connect with the character I am playing and to not lose who I am while doing it. I think I do the best when I can really put myself into the role.

You have had a role as a bully. How do you think that affects a student or person in general? And how do you think we can decrease or avoid it?

Yes, I play the bully a lot! I think it is mostly because of what I look like. Well I guess I am good at it too. No, it hasn’t affected me at all. I am not a bully, in fact my friends and family laugh because my alter ego is “Milton, the accountant”.  That is what they call me because I worry about everyone around me.  When I was filming “Christmas Trade”, the parents of the other kids commented to my mom, “wow, we didn’t see that coming” referring to how mean I was when I was in character. I was the social kid hanging out with all the other kids on set playing games and talking to everyone.  I have been told I am really sweet and polite, I am sure my mom likes hearing that part.

You must be studying and acting. How do you balance out your schedule?

Home school helps a lot. I am in a great program that is flexible and when I don’t have auditions or work I try to get more school done to be ahead. When I am on set, I take a lot of reading materials and get all of my reading done.  We have to do 3 hours of school on set a day and you can get a lot done when you have to focus for 3 straight hours.

Any future plans? Do you hope to take this career in college or do you hope to specialize in something else?

I am not sure yet, I really like Math and numbers so I actually might study accounting. I know that is so different than acting, but if I ever decide not to act anymore I can do accounting for actors!

Any siblings? How have they along with your parents, other family members and friends supported you and treated you before and after your entry into the industry?

My mom has been my rock. She has changed her entire life so that I could do this. My Grandma Judy is also one of my biggest cheerleaders. She and my aunt Jenny and my cousin Daezah have been really supportive back in Yakima. My great Grandma, who will be 97 this year gets updates from my mom’s aunt Mary Jane as she records all of my shows and then plays them for her when she is over to visit. Of course we have a whole team of supporters of friends and family on Facebook that comment and cheer me on every time mom posts something.

What are the perks you got since joining?

The perks of acting?  I am not really considered a celebrity yet…but it is funny people are starting to recognize me on TV.  Someone emailed my mom and asked….was that Brice walking into a bar on a new show on NBC? LOL, yes that was me on Crowded. That part is funny when people we know, who didn’t know I was going to be on TV ask my mom if that was me. 

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NBC’s Crowded

 What are your favourite roles to do?

I love anything that will put my on a set! Playing a jerk is really fun because you can just let it fly. I don’t normally act mean to people so it is funny when I have to.

What are your favorite movies and series?

I love the Marvel series…any and all of them. I am obsessed with Daredevil and Agent Carter.  Movies…I love so many…one of my favorites of all time is “The Breakfast Club” I have watched it 50 times.  It’s old school for me, but it is just one of those movies you can’t not love. I was also binging “The Help” for a long time….I can quote so many lines from that movie….that cast was amazing.  And more recently 13 Hours.

Speaking of movies, you will be in Kidnap. How was the atmosphere there? and what did you enjoy the most?

Everyone was so amazing to work with. That job was a huge dream come true.  Landing a role like that is like winning the lottery. I wasn’t a lead like Sage Correa, great kid by the way, but being in a movie that big no matter what the role is a gift.

What is the difference between a movie and a series set?

Well so far I have been in just one scene in the movies I have been in.  I usually just work a day on movies, go in to film my scene, do school and then out. With TV projects, I have worked several days in a row, especially if I am in more than one scene. They are all different but similar if that makes sense?

Your cast colleague was Halle Berry. What influence did she have on you and how did your relationship be like while on set? 

Love her!  She was so nice! It was really crazy being in a scene with her….we loved her movie “The Call” so much we have it on DVD and have watched it several times.  Kidnap is a thriller and Halle is so great in it! My dream is that one day she will follow me on social media, lol

Which new friends did you make? and how would you describe each one of them as in what sets them to be different?

I have made a lot of new friends since I started acting. One of my best friends of all time since we have been in LA is Hannah Swain, she is the voice of Tweet on the Sprout series Ruff, Ruff , Tweet and Dave. We have kind of grown up together and she is like a sister to me.  Hannah is also a cancer survivor.  She is only 12 now, she was diagnosed with cancer when she was 4 and we celebrate her cancer free birthday every year!