Castle: (S08E19) “Dead Again”


The episode opens with guest star Jonathan Silverman as Alan Masters calling his cable company. He is taking a bunch of supplements. The water comes out of his tap a funny color but he doesn’t notice. He drinks the water and immediately starts foaming at the mouth and collapses.

Beckett is in bed and Castle is standing up watching her sleep. He says he takes pictures of her sleeping. Castle says it’s time to shake things up like move to Paris. She says she was just promoted to captain. He has his PI business. Nathan says and you have LockSat. She says yes she does. I guess for now those plans to run away to Paris are put on hold.

Lanie called Beckett about Alan Masters. Says he was poisoned. The filter under his water was tampered with. The cable company rep heard what happened and called 911. They are in Alan’s apartment. Alan stands up and says “Hey what is everyone doing in my apartment?” Lanie says he shouldn’t be alive as he ingested a lot of the toxin. She had actually pronounced him dead.

By this point Alan is in the hospital and Castle is questioning Alan about any out of body experience. Beckett asks if he has any enemies. He says no, he just works and goes home. Then Alan remembers that he fired someone who kept breaking the rules. He has a voice message where the guy is threatening him. Beckett says you never thought to call the police. Andy says on Dave, no? I believe that Alan is a water safety inspector.

So now Ryan and Esposito are questioning the David that Alan mentioned. David says his anger gets away from him but he was home last night with his wife and mother in law. He says they are safety inspectors. They aren’t making friends. Alan doesn’t let anything slide which pisses off a lot of people. Ryan says David alibied out.

Beckett’s LockSat partner is in her office saying he might know where LockSat is. He has found a possible associate of LockSat named Caleb Brown.

At Alan’s apartment Castle asks Alan what he is going to do now. Alan says go to bed. He has a full day of inspections tomorrow. Castle goes out in the hallway to talk to the policeman guarding Alan. Meanwhile, Alan’s bed has been wired to electrocute him. Lanie is there and they proclaim him dead again. But wait a couple minutes and he springs back to life. He asks if somebody is cooking barbeque.

Lanie says Alan was definitely dead. Lanie says she is either really bad at her job or Castle is right and this guy is immortal. Beckett says “Neither, let’s find out who wants to kill this guy so bad.” They discover that the toxin that Alan ingested is a controlled substance making it hard to buy.

Castle is visiting Alan in the hospital after the electrocution trying to figure out the origin of his power to resist death. Esposito comes in with a possible suspect, a company that Alan threatened to shut down. Castle and Esposito go there. Castle asks a lab guy if there is something there that would turn someone into a superhero. The lab guy says no. Esposito is talking to the guy that Alan was talking to. He says he walked Alan out to his car and there was another guy at Alan’s car but he took off. They track down this guy who worked for another company that Alan wanted to shut down and talk to him in the precinct. Beckett and Esposito are interviewing him. He says the mob is trying to kill Alan for shutting down or trying to shut down businesses they are involved in.

Castle keeps trying to convince Alan he has superpowers but Alan says no he is an ordinary guy. Castle tells Alan the mob is trying to kill him. Castle has Alan come to his place to be safe. He tells Alan to try to move the piano with his mind. Castle throws something at the back of Alan’s head and it hits Alan and he didn’t know it was coming. Castle says no Spidey sense then. Alan wants to know what Gwen said at the company Castle visited. Castle says Gwen says she thinks Alan is funny. Castle calls Gwen and puts Alan on the phone. Alan asks Gwen out and she says yes. They are going to meet in thirty minutes. Somehow Castle had figured out that Alan was interested in someone and it turns out to be this Gwen.

Beckett’s LockSat partner is there with a picture of Brooks who tried to kill them with spiders. Beckett’s partner also brings up a Caleb who is a public defender who represents bad guys and must be representing this Brooks. Beckett says this is not enough to take down Brooks. She says they are getting close but they have to tread carefully.

Castle goes with Alan on his date at a restaurant but sits somewhere else. Alan says he is going in, wish me luck. Alan sits down with Gwen. He tells her he is a superhero. Ryan calls Castle and gives him the name Horatio Spate along with a picture. Ryan also tells Castle to not leave the loft. Too late Ryan. Castle looks up and in walks Horatio Spate.

Spate goes up to talk to Alan. Castle says this is your super villain. Gwen says this is too much. Does this make Castle your sidekick? Castle says no, I am a mentor. Spate says he does not want Alan dead. He knows about the two attempts on his life though. He just asks Alan for a little leniency. Alan says no. Spate tries to get Alan to take some gingko biloba but Alan doesn’t take it.

Beckett is a little mad that Castle took out Alan. Alan is now in a real safe house. They find that the Lucky Dragon is a business that Alan visits. Horatio’s pillbox is from the Lucky Dragon. The Chinese Triad owns the Lucky Dragon.

Caleb comes in to talk to Beckett and says he needs to talk to her about a client Phillip McCaffrey. Beckett says she doesn’t know him. Caleb says his client McCaffrey is up against a man he can’t fight. Beckett says Caleb has until 8pm tomorrow night or she talks about LockSat and will expose both of them. Caleb says the brain is still alive for seven minutes after the body dies and that is when the person’s life flashes before their eyes. He hopes this moment when she could have saved both of their lives does not flash before her eyes when she dies.

Beckett and Castle are talking. Castle is on edge because they could be killed. Beckett is calm saying she turned Caleb. I don’t think so.

Castle, Esposito, and Ryan go to the Lucky Dragon and find some heroin that is more addictive than other strains of heroin on the market and is made right in the US. It is synthetic heroin. It is worth billions. Alan recognizes the substance and knows who is trying to kill him. Somehow they lose Alan. Alan has gone after Gwen and tells her to come with him if she wants to live. He tells Gwen about the synthetic heroin and that he knows who is trying to kill him. It is a guy named Mike. Alan looks for a weapon. Meanwhile Gwen gets a gun out of her purse. She says she is going to kill Mike. He is the only one who can identify her. She is actually the head of the heroin operation. She is the one who has tried to kill Alan twice.

Some police officers, Ryan, Castle, & Esposito are at Gwen’s plant looking for her and Alan. Castle finds Alan with a gunshot wound to the head. Castle says this is his fault. He forced Alan to act like a superhero. Alan wakes up and says he is fine. Gwen is in handcuffs and asks why Alan won’t die. Alan lives because the slug pierced but didn’t penetrate Alan’s skull. Another doctor says that Alan is the luckiest man alive. Alan and Lanie have become friends and Alan is happy about that. Beckett gets a call saying members of the Lucky Dragon have been arrested.

Caleb’s deadline has passed. Beckett says to Castle “Maybe you are right. Maybe it is time for a change. I hear Paris is nice this time of year.” They go to Castle’s apartment and Caleb is there. Caleb says he doesn’t know who LockSat is even though he works for him. He was given a phone that only works at a certain place and time and he receives instructions from an electronic voice. He gives Beckett the phone. Caleb says he is going to go about his regular routine. Castle says this is it. This is our only shot at Locksat. Beckett says and when it comes, we are going to make it count.

That is the end of the episode. How many of you out there really care about LockSat? What did you think of this episode?