Fear the Walking Dead (S02E03): “Ouroboros”



Let’s just start with the fact that Ouroboros was probably a step up from the last two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead.

The opening scene alone, got me hooked. Plus it was nice to see Fear connecting to the Flight 462 web series, as viewers finally got to meet Alex and Jake who I was surprised to see in that state especially after the interaction he had with Alicia in the first episode.

Highlights of tonights episode was seeing Nick being so endearing towards Ofelia, I’m really curious about this relationship since it doesn’t seem like Ofelia trusts anyone so seeing this is intriguing. 

Also when Chris went into the plane an just stood there with the walkers got me concerned about his character, I mean are we going to lose a main character from this show this season. He was dazed by them and the fact that the guy was still alive and infected but undergoing the process. I’m curious to see if this will help him deal with the fact that this would of happened to his mum. I mean this isn’t the Walking Dead which has a much larger cast which means it slightly easier so to speak to write them off. But here this cast is so small, losing one has to be done in the right manner.

I loved how they incorporated Alicia’s intelligence into the storyline and thats the fact how they got to the island. Seeing her kill her first walker was also new since she’s the only one who hasn’t do it, and she looked like she could handle herself. Everyone’s always talking about who’s going to be the Maggie of the group out of the 3 female cast members, and all I’ll say is that we’ll see. 

As the episodes go on, I dislike Strand even more, in the fact that he doesn’t care about humanity and his selfish nature to survive outweighs everything else. 

There was so much tension tonight between Travis and Madison, and I was concerned about the state of their relationship since Travis seems a little on hinge from the whole outbreak. But when he took her side at the end of the episode and supported her with Strands plan, I was surprised but pleased. I mean everyone is on the edge and not trusting everything is up for grabs and could change 

All and all the episodes actually are getting better with each episode and with the promo of the next episode I can’t wait till next Sunday.