Lucifer (S01E13) “Take Me Back To Hell” Review

“Playing Your Role”

Last we left Lucifer and Chloe she found the body of the preacher in the Lux having Luci at gun point. I know this looks bad but Chloe can’t really think Lucifer would do this (also he’s not that dumb). But seeing Chloe believing the set up, Lucifer is heart broken and tries to go in a hail of bullets… until Amenadiel crashes the party. Very hurt Lucifer gives up and says he wants to go back to Hell… but Amenadiel says no? Why? It’s what he wanted!!! Back at the Lux Malcolm (the guy we KNOW did it) comes back and takes a very special dagger that can hurt certain supernatural creatures. Chloe decides to follow her gut believing that Lucifer was set up. Dan is skeptic at first but then he sees the gun he gave Malcolm from evidence and finally decides to come clean with Chloe. Amenadiel realizes that his actions caused a big mess and good people died. He decides to send Malcolm back to Hell asking Lucifer to help. One more adventure on Earth before it’s back through the fiery gates then! Amenadiel takes Lucifer to his therapist office to try and come up with a plan but their brother bicker is getting in the way until Linda drops by. At first she’s upset that “Dr. Canaan” is trying to steal her (favorite) patient but her sudden appearance gives Lucifer an idea. Meanwhile Chloe gives Dan a good punch in his handsome mouth for lying to her and making her think she was crazy for suspecting that Malcolm was dirty. She doesn’t want a sorry she wants Dan to help her prove Lucifer’s innocence. Then she goes off to find Lucifer and apologize for doubting him. But getting back to therapy, Lucifer and Amenadiel sit down on Linda’s couch for some long over due family therapy. Linda manages to quiet the boys down long enough for Lucifer to get another light bulb. Malcolm’s on the run in need of new ID so our 2 angel boys go follow that lead. Chloe stops by The Lux to try and get Maze’s help in finding Lucifer. Despite everything that’s happened, Maze is still loyal to her boss and doesn’t tell Chloe anything. Nevertheless Chloe figures Lucifer will go after Malcolm. Maze comes as back up. Lucifer and Amenadiel crash a funeral where Lucifer annoys his old contact into giving him information on Malcolm. Amenadiel and Lucifer make a great team when they stop fighting each other. Chloe and Maze stop at Malcolm’s house finding expensive electronics (stereos, cameras, etc). He hold up a Radio Shack? Maze is curious as to why Chloe chose to be a cop given it’s crappy pay and other rewards. Truthfully Chloe hates the idea of people getting away with bad stuff…also she likes to shoot people (or that could be for Maze’s benefit). Suddenly someone takes a shot at them! Chloe and Maze duck for cover. Maze should have brought her demon knives.


“Reunited And It Feels So Good”

Turns out it’s Malcolm’s wife afraid that it was her crazy husband again. Maze apparently has seen this before with people coming back from Hell. Malcolm is only going to get worse (how much worse can he get really?). Dan still can’t find a connection between Malcolm and the victims from the Satanist case unfortunately. Chloe thinks Malcolm is going to rob a bar or something in order to get more cash. Dan finds Lucifer and Amenadiel in his office trying to find Malcolm’s associate named Tommy. Dan knows who that is but he’s not telling…yet. Lucifer uses his hypnotic powers to get Dan to tell him about a brewery this drug dealer, Tommy works at. As soon as Dan turns his back, Amenadiel and Lucifer are gone in a puff of wind. Come on if Dan doesn’t suspect anything supernatural now he never will! Lucifer and Amenadiel catch up with Malcolm at the brewery going up against Tommy’s crew. Seems an unfair fight given Lucifer and Amenadiel are super human doesn’t it? Within a minute all the bad guys are knocked unconscious, Amenadiel and Lucifer share a moment but then shrug it off awkwardly. Don’t fight the bromance guys! Chloe and Maze join the party but Amenadiel finds Malcolm first who sticks that demon knife into the angel’s gut leaving him to bleed out. Lucifer has a chance to go after Malcolm but instead stays with his brother. Maze arrives just in time to relieve Lucifer who goes after Malcolm. Chloe finds Malcolm first and pops a few shots at him forcing him to leave the bag of money. Lucifer arrives only to see Chloe pointing a gun at him again! But she puts the gun away swearing she believes Lucifer is innocent. She actually wants to keep working with him. Dan shows up with a few beat cops but he’s also not here to arrest Lucifer. He claims to have found some evidence that proves Lucifer’s innocence. Maze takes Amenadiel back to Lucifer’s pent house to tend to his wounds though he’s very stubborn, accepting death. But Maze isn’t having it. She takes out her dark secret that she’s been keeping from Lucifer thinking the small feather could get them back home but instead she uses it to heal Amenadiel’s wound.


“Riding Shotgun With The Devil”

Dan, Chloe, and Lucifer go to the police station where Dan turns himself in. Chloe gets a call from Trixie only it’s not Trixie. Malcolm kidnapped her! Simple trade off: the money for the girl. No cops. No Lucifer. Chloe gets the money but Lucifer knows something’s up so he catches her. Chloe admits that Malcolm has Trixie. She makes him promise not to come with her and Lucifer swears but the look in his face suggests the opposite. Chloe goes to the helicopter hanger where Malcolm is holding Trixie. That little girl has sass. Chloe tosses her guns to Malcolm who lets Trixie go. Chloe tells Trixie to hide as things go down. Even though Malcolm gets the money he’s going to shoot Chloe but Lucifer arrives in time to distract Malcolm while Chloe hides as well. Lucifer works his hypnotizing powers to find out what Malcolm really desires… which is to shoot the Devil. Lucifer falls over and starts bleeding out while Malcolm gloats over him. Malcolm goes off to find Chloe to do the same to her. Lucifer is desperate enough to make a God Call to dear old Dad. In exchange for him being “the son God always wanted” all Lucifer wants is for God to save Chloe. Lucifer takes a walk in Hell but something’s wrong. There’s a door that was chained shot now busted open. This has Lucifer really scared. But he doesn’t have time to think when he springs back to life just in time once more to save Chloe by knocking Malcolm down. Just before Malcolm tries to shoot Lucifer again, Chloe puts 3 bullets in the bad cop’s chest. And just when Malcolm thinks he has the last laugh, Lucifer pulls out the get out of hell free coin that turns to ashes. Apparently God wants Lucifer to stay on Earth. Lucifer goes home to salvage what’s left of his home bar. Maze has gone. Lucifer tells Amenadiel what happened and that God wants them to find the soul that escaped Hell. But Lucifer is scared. Turns out the errant soul he needs to retrieve… his dear old Mom. What?!


This episode gets an A+! I love watching Amenadiel and Lucifer with their bromance and that last part? The Devil has a mother??? It’s a shame we have to wait until next season to get the full story on that one!