Scorpion: (S02E24) “Toby or Not Toby”


This episode picks up where the last episode left off. Mark has Toby tied up and offers him water but Toby declines. Mark says he needs to keep his strength up. It’s going to be a very big day.

At Scorpion headquarters Tim is playing jazz for Paige and Sylvester is covering his ears. He doesn’t like jazz. Tim thanks Walter for the jazz festival tickets.

Walter notices that Toby isn’t there. Happy comes in saying she hasn’t heard from Toby. Cue Cabe’s call telling him that Mark has escaped. Happy and Sylvester figure that Mark probably has Toby. Sylvester says he has an idea of where Toby was going which is downtown around 6:30. Sylvester knows about the ring but he can’t say but Happy is mad that Sylvester knows something and isn’t telling.

Mark tells Toby he isn’t going to joke his way out of this. Toby says “Glad to see the psych ward worked out for you.” Mark says “Laugh all you want. When my work is done, no one will be laughing.” Mark said he had all kinds of time to work on brain to brain interface. He saw an obituary for Megan and realized that she married Sylvester. Mark says he believes that Walter tried some kind of brain save on Megan.

The team finds Walter’s car which Toby had borrowed. They find his broken phone and his hat. They find a half sent text to Sylvester. Happy is mad again knowing that Sylvester knows something. Mark happens to call Walter right at this moment. He asks for Walter’s work on Megan. Mark explains he has Toby tied to a chair with chargers connected to the chair. Walter doesn’t want to give Mark his work. It is still rudimentary.

Happy is talking to Mark’s doctor who claims he wasn’t allowed pens as they could become weapons. Happy figures out that Mark found a way to get on the internet from the hospital. Tim finds a message that Mark left in the kitchen of the hospital. Happy is able to track where Mark is. It is a place called Ponder Farms. Mark calls Walter and supposedly connects the chargers to Toby and we hear a yell but we don’t actually see it.

Mark yells into the phone “Where is the research I asked for?” Then we can see that he really wasn’t torturing Toby. He was playing a pre-recorded scream. Mark says Toby will be killed today just not by his hand.

Walter says he doesn’t think Toby isn’t being tortured. Walter figures out that Mark was playing Toby’s scream from when they were on The Price is Right. He figures that out because Toby’s scream didn’t change pitch. When people are really terrified, their screams change pitches or even octaves. Walter says Mark is unpredictable so they can’t count on the fact that Toby won’t be hurt.

Sylvester announces he figured out Mark’s formula. The only problem is there are too many ham radios interfering with figuring out what frequency Mark is using.

Tim and Paige are at the farm. Happy sees someone and she knocks him down. It’s not Mark. The guy claims he never heard of Mark or Toby.

Mark is messing around with some kind of acid and dental floss. Toby tells Mark his plan will fail as there are six against one. Mark says it is easy to do what Toby does. You just need the slightest piece of information. He goes through Toby’s bag and finds Happy’s engagement ring and says he knows that Happy is the only one who would be happy with this ring. Mark says he knows Happy longer than Toby and says there is no way that Happy would say yes, that she can’t. But Mark doesn’t explain any further.

Meanwhile Walter is climbing a tall tower at the farm. He drops the keyboard he was going to use to help isolate the signal to discover Mark’s exact location. Mark calls Walter. Happy takes the phone. Mark says something to Happy about letting his fiancé die. Happy stops driving. She asks Sylvester if that is what he was keeping as a secret. Sylvester says yes. Happy then feels as if this is her fault since Toby was picking up the ring when he got snatched.

Cabe has now climbed up to join Walter on the tower. Walter asks for Cabe’s phone as he needs music. Walter uses a Conway Twitter song on Cabe’s phone to isolate the signal that Mark is using. Back at Scorpion headquarters they discover that there are 18 buildings near the tower. They can’t flood the area with cops as that will alert Mark.

Meanwhile, Mark is putting up dental floss all over the building. Toby asks to talk to Happy one more time but Mark says he wants Toby to admit to Walter that Mark is smarter than all of them and beat all of them so Toby does. He tells Sylvester to listen carefully and to take care of Happy for him. Sylvester says he knows where Toby is. He recognized the call of a bird he heard on the phone call and knows exactly where Mark is. The team goes to the building Sylvester leads them to. Toby is tied to a chair with a can of acid over his head and there is that dental floss everywhere.

Happy and Sylvester find the room where Toby is. Toby explains the situation with the floss and the acid. To make matters worse, the floss above Toby’s head has been worn a little by Mark so they only have a few minutes to rescue him. Toby says the acid will burn through his trachea and he will suffocate and die. I have faith they will save Toby.

Happy tells Sylvester he is a math genius and to figure this out. Walter has Mark and Mark taunts him saying the team has made him soft. Mark can kill more people than Toby can help. Happy is ready to start cutting through the floss but the others tell her no, she will kill him. Mark tells Walter to drop the pipe he was wielding at Mark and to go save his friend. Walter does drop the pipe and goes to join the whole rest of the team with Toby. They figure out that the floss has been treated with something making it similar in texture to guitar strings. Tim plucks one and figures out what note it is which is a B. They say they need to cut every piece of floss that is a B note. The team is happily cutting. Toby says “Happy, you know the question I was going to ask you. I have a ring in my briefcase.” Happy says “Stop. You aren’t going to propose to me while you are dying.” Happy says “Screw this” and throws herself at Toby to rescue him as he said he has less than 30 seconds. Together they roll out of the way of the can of acid.

Mark is on a bus. It stops at Rosemeade, whatever that is. While on the bus Cabe comes up to Mark with a gun and says “This is your stop. Stand up slowly so my partner can cuff you.” Tim is in the seat behind Mark and cuffs him. Mark says “Is the psychiatrist dead?” Tim says no. The whole team is there and Mark asks Walter how he found him. Walter says he remembers a story Mark told him about the time he spent a summer with his uncle but had to come home early and Mark was upset because his uncle accepted him as he was. Walter says, “You went back to the place where you felt safe.”

The team is back at Scorpion headquarters. Toby asks Happy if he can talk to her real quick. Happy says no. Toby says he won’t ask the question. So Toby sings her a song and plays it on the piano also. Toby says he has loved Happy since he can’t remember when and he will love her until he can’t forget how. Happy says no, I can’t. Happy says she is married to someone else and she is sorry. The team is looking on in shock. Toby says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now. Am I the only one who remembers Happy’s husband showing up several episodes back?

Tim tells Paige that if she still wants to go to the jazz festival, they should go right away. It is out of town at Lake Tahoe. She says she will meet him at the car. Now Walter says he should have stuck to his rule of no relationships on team Scorpion because now Toby is unhappy and Happy is crying. Walter goes on to babble about how feelings follow people home at night, blah, blah, blah. Paige asks Walter if she should stay with the team and help with Toby instead of go with Tim. Walter says it is probably best if you go. Paige says all right. See you in a couple days.

Toby is drinking tequila. Walter is sitting with Toby. Walter tells Toby he will talk to Happy tomorrow and tell her to forget about this romance. Toby tells Walter he is a gigantic ass. He is obsessed with keeping the team together and is willing to sacrifice love for the team. Toby says he is dying inside and would do anything to bring Happy back while Walter sent the love of his life away with another man.  Walter asks Toby where his car keys are. Toby says they are on his desk. Walter is going to stop Paige. He is in the car driving trying to call Paige but he just gets her voice mail and that is the end of the episode. This is it for season 2 folks. This was the season finale. See you next fall for Season 3! What did you think of the finale?