Chicago Fire (S4E20): “The Last One for Mom”


My favorite part about this episode was JayJay’s video project, which highlighted why the workers decided to become firemen and women. It was simple and so effective. JayJay’s final video was heartbreakingly sweet as well.

There were some failed plot lines in this episode as well. First of all, we never checked back in with the young ballerina. While her outcome doesn’t affect the whole show, it’s important to finish stories otherwise there is no point beginning them.

Second of all, and more importantly, you cannot kill JayJay’s mother like that. We knew nothing about what was going on with her medically and that decreased the emotional impact of the situation. With that said, the writers handled the situation of Kelly and JayJay’s friendship and day spent together beautifully, especially with the police car procession paired with inspirational background music.

If I had to give “The Last One for Mom” a grade, it would be a B minus. The young boy’s performance was very well done at the end of the episode, but there were missing holes in the episode that took away from the full enjoyment of the show.