Chicago Med (S1E15), “Inheritance”


Chicago Med never leaves me uninterested. “Inheritance” followed a teenager against the use of any drugs (even aspirin) with serious stomach pain. Her father, who hardly acted as one, finally gives permission for the doctors to medicate her in order to fully understand what is going on with her. However, with an inconclusive result, Ellie’s condition worsens. This illness was incredibly incising, especially because of the wonderful performances, but not as much as the mother in labor. 

This plot arc was interesting, especially as the doctors dug into the legal side of adoptions. Seeing more of this side of things is making me even more excited for Dick Wolf’s new series Chicago Justice. 

I wouldn’t say this was Chicago Med’s best episode, but it was certainly very well written and produced. As always, I enjoyed the time I spent watching “Inheritance” and left the episode feeling both inspired and wanting more. That is success.