Containment: (S01E02) ‘I to Die, You to Live’

With every character not molding into their roles in the city, we now have an idea of what exactly is going on. 

The only characters which which so far don’t make any sense as in have little to no relation to the plot is the pregnant lady and her boyfriend. It will be sad to see her character die because of her infected friend kissing her cheeks without actually getting her story as she has been on for some good time. However if they play the tragedy angle and she dies in front of the boyfriend and baby survives it might sell out.

Taking note of the conspiracy theories of who brought the virus. It has been confirmed that patient zero is in fact the Syrian. But what actually happened this episode was that neither ISIS nor Syria claimed any relation to the disease. The reason why ISIS declares responsibility is to show their power to the world and motivate their own soldiers and Syria didn’t have any information about. This brings us back to the Ebola theory started in USA. This angle is the most interesting for me and I hope they play it out correctly.

One mistake in this episode was when Katie took some pills most likely anxiety or relaxing pills she used her gloves to touch them. That is like the rule number 1 never use your gloves (she has been to the infected people’s room’s hallway) to pick up anything that goes into your mouth. By science she is more than 80% infected now but since it’s a series she won’t. 

What was also weird was when Katie asked the doctor about why one patient died before patient zero did. His reply being people have different immune systems. But that doesn’t sound very convincing especially since the host of the disease lasted longer bring in another conspiracy theory. But again maybe the host could have been given a small dose to weaken it inside him. 

But the biggest revelation came up when they found out the students that partied and the contact tracing was no longer going to work. What was their idea?

A very complicated and something you must be willing to sleep without. Let 4000+ people live it out till the virus dies out either all of them die or no one gets infected which kind of is impossible. In other words let everyone inside the city (infected part) die.

The series makes you think far and brings in many questions like what would you be doing? Would you sacrifice yourself for others and how would you react. 

So far the plot has been developing well. Let’s just hope we see some main characters dying to make it a little realistic.