The Flash (S02E19) “Back to Normal”

Father and Daughter arguments (no not talking about Iris and Joe; theres more than one father and daughter relationship on this show), Doublegangers meeting, and a Flash that isn’t fast (well then I guess that means hes not the fastest man alive). Thats only a little bit of what this episode was centered around, so with that out of the way lets get this review started like a party…okay maybe not like a party!

In this episode we start out with Barry reintroducing how he lived his life when he did have speed (note: he lost his speed in the last episode, but you would already know that if you watched every episode, which I hope you do) and then goes into Barry with no speed and feels helpless in his life. As Barry adjusts to his life as a normal human being once again he has Cisco help him with trying to get his speed back. Meanwhile on Earth-2 Caitlin is held prisoner in Zoom’s lair feeling helpless and wonders why shes there. When Jay/Hunter Zolomon reveals how much he cares for Caitlin and that he will never hurt her or kill her because of that care, he requests for her to eat to keep up her strength. Hunter Zolomon breaks her chains so that shes free to roam around the lair. First thing she approaches in the lair is the man in the iron mask, and then meets her double Killer Frost caged. The two of them have a interesting chat but even Killer Frost doesn’t understand why shes kept caged in the lair but promises to get Caitlin back to her earth if Caitlin lets Killer Frost out. Back on Earth-1; Wells tracks down Jesse in Opal City and begs her to come back to Central City but she refuses and then Harry or Wells gets abducted by Griffin Grey a meta-human who has unbelievable strength but also has an aging problem which he hopes for Wells to fix. In the end Barry is still without his speed, they rescue Wells, Caitlin is still kidnaped by Zoom, I’m pretty sure Griffin died from old age and Wells promises Barry that he will help him get his speed back by recreating the particle accelerator explosion (my mind is just like what on that).

This episode was actually really good, I was hoping that there would be come kind of creative way in the team to get Barry’s speed back and I guess I will get my wish for the creative way. But I was hoping for Griffin Grey’s debut was going to be more better than what it was but it was still good I guess. Otherwise it was a good episode!

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