The Big Bang Theory (S09E21) “The Viewing Party Combustion”

Review: This week we finally get to hear more about Raj and his relationship with Emily and Claire. He informs the other guys that he has been dating both of them and when he and Howard are alone, he keeps ‘complaining’ about how hard that is. When Howard points out to Raj that he’s not really complaining, but just bragging about dating two women at the same time, Raj gets mad at him.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard get into a fight about the roommate agreement meetings, right before they have the rest of the gang over for a Game of Thrones viewing party. Leonard doesn’t want to attend the meeting of the next day, but Penny sticks up for Sheldon and tells Leonard that he should just go because it’s important to Sheldon. On her part, Amy is annoyed by this and takes Leonard’s side, mainly because she is sick of Penny always sticking up for Sheldon.

The group splits up: Amy, Leonard and Howard stay in the guys’ apartment and Raj, Sheldon and Penny go to her apartment to watch Game of Thrones. The fight gets worse when Leonard finds out that Penny uses the roommate agreement to get her way, but when Howard’s allergies start acting up, things are put in perspective. The whole group goes to the hospital to see if he’s ok and are there to support each other. And even though we didn’t hear anybody apologize, we can assume that everybody made up with each other.

I can say that Raj’s storyline and the picking on Stuart are getting old, but they both have been old for a couple of episodes now. I hope Raj breaks up with both women soon, or at least one, to end the love triangle. And Stuart’s character has really gone downhill this season because the rest of the group is so mean to him. I always kind of liked him, but now I just feel sorry for him. Still, the episode was pretty funny and it was good to see the group in one big storyline together. Also, the opening scene really made me laugh.

Rating: 7.5/10