The Odd Couple: (S02E04) “Madison & Son”


This episode has a special guest. Garry Marshall stars as Oscar Madison’s father, Walter Madison. Garry was one of the creators of the original 1970s series of The Odd Couple that starred Tony Randall as Felix and Jack Klugman as Oscar.

This week’s episode begins with the gang gathered in Oscar and Felix’s apartment. Teddy tells Oscar he will be throwing out the first pitch at a NY Mets game. Felix is happy for Oscar. He says he has the perfect cape for Oscar. Oscar talks about going to his first Mets game with his dad when he was four and he spilled ketchup all over his shirt and his dad said not to worry about it. Felix says “Oh and you took that to heart.” LOL. Felix says that because Oscar is a slob.

Felix says he has an idea. Oscar says he is not wearing a cape. Felix says wouldn’t it be nice if your dad flew in for the big game. Oscar says no, we don’t get along. Dad doesn’t like to talk on the phone and doesn’t Skype because he doesn’t know how to work a computer. Felix asks wouldn’t your dad be proud of you doing this? Oscar says no. One time Oscar got a C- on a test and his dad says couldn’t you do better? Emily then asks Oscar the same thing which is rather funny.

The doorbell rings. It is Oscar’s dad. He looks at Felix and says Look, it’s my dad. Felix asks how could this happen? Oscar’s dad says you sent me a ticket and an Uber.

Oscar’s dad Walter asks “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Oscar invites him in and they awkwardly pat each other. Walter and Felix hug. Dani introduces herself as working for Oscar. Felix introduces himself and Emily as his girlfriend. Walter acts confused like he thought Felix was gay but then he says OK. Walter recognized Murph as Murph used to be a ball player.

Felix follows Oscar into the kitchen and tells Oscar this is the chance to fix his relationship with his father. Walter is making a hit with the girls and they kiss him on the cheek. Walter tells the girls Oscar wasn’t good at baseball as a kid and that he is worried about the pitch and says maybe a kiss would help. Dani and Emily lean in for another kiss.

Now it is just Oscar and Walter watching baseball on TV. Felix tries to intervene telling them to interact with each other. Felix turns off the game. Felix says Walter, let’s face it, you have about five to six more times to be with your son hinting at Walter’s age. Felix says it pains him to see him sitting there…and then one of the screens comes back on. He says you have so much to give…as Oscar turns the TVs back on. There is more than one TV. There is about six. Felix says “Forgive me for caring. You can go back to your sports games.” Walter asks “He’s got a girlfriend and you don’t?”

Teddy and Murph meet Mr. Met the team mascot. For those who don’t know, it is a man dressed as a ball player but with a big huge baseball for a head.  Walter and Felix arrive. Oscar has been playing ball with Murph and hurt his shoulder. He is icing it. It is time for Oscar to go out and make the pitch. Teddy, Felix, and Walter watch from the meeting room. The ball hits Mr. Met and knocks him down.

Oscar is back on his radio show the next day. Callers want to talk about how Oscar messed up at the game. Oscar says we aren’t talking about that. One caller says since he threw a ball at Mr. Met’s head that someone should throw a baby at Oscar’s head. Teddy says they shouldn’t look at the internet. Then Teddy says he has something that might fix things. Teddy says he has Oscar scheduled to go tape a piece with the team where he apologizes to Mr. Met. Oscar’s dad goes along and says it was even worse on the news in slow motion. Oscar asks Felix if they had to bring his dad. Felix says they couldn’t leave him in the car. Oscar says that is what his dad did to him.

Mr. Met walks in with a big Band-Aid on his head. It’s funny. Oscar reads the apology Teddy wrote for him. Something about a knuckle ball from a knuckle head. Oscar then yells at Mr. Met saying couldn’t he at least say he was proud of him? His dad says if you have something to say to me say it to me, not Mr. Met. Oscar says he screwed up because of his dad. He thought if he did well that he thought his dad would think well of him. Walter says he never complimented him because he didn’t want Oscar to get a swelled head and that it worked. Then Walter says “They don’t let just anyone throw out the first pitch. You are doing great Oscar.” Felix wipes a tear. Walter says he can’t wait to tell this story to all his doctors. Felix tells Oscar he is tearing up. Oscar says none of this would have happened unless a very special person wouldn’t have brought them together and he goes to hug Mr. Met. He doesn’t even give Felix credit. Felix says all I did and no one gives me credit so Mr. Met gives Felix a hug.

The next day Oscar is happy because Miss America threw out the pitch and it was perfect and her boob fell out. Oscar thanks Felix for flying his father out. Oscar asks what Felix would do if he invited his mother to come stay. Felix freaks out and says the place is a mess and starts frantically cleaning. Dani says to Oscar, “You didn’t really invite his mom out did you?” Oscar says “No. I will tell him in a couple days.” Sure. After the apartment is spotless.

This was a great episode getting some insight into Oscar’s childhood and family. It was a stroke of genius to have Garry Marshall play Oscar’s dad as Garry was so integral to the original television program.

The Odd Couple will be moving to both Mondays and Thursdays in May beginning on Monday May 2. Mondays the show will air at 9:30 EST and Thursdays it will air at 8:30 EST.