Blindspot (S1E19): “In the Comet of Us”


Blindspot is quickly approaching its Season 1 finale, and it will no doubt so answers to long-held questions such what exactly is Orion? And Daylight? Whatever the answers are, there are sure to be even more questions. This week’s episode, “In the Comet of Us”, didn’t hesitate in welcoming us back to the present time. Bethany (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and believed-to-be-dead ex-girlfriend/partner Sophia (Sarita Choudhury) are catching up. We learn from this exchange that Sophia did in fact fake her own suicide, reasons being she was afraid for her life with all things Daylight. Since that day, she’s been in hiding in Paraguay however when “they” recently tracked her down she was forced to flee. They know about Daylight and they’re coming she warns Bethany. Bethany doesn’t need a clue as to why Sophia is there; she needs money but Bethany is being as forthright as Sophia needs her to be. Assuring Mayfair that the love they shared was still there doesn’t even help her plight. Mayfair isn’t budging. Well not yet, anyways.

At headquarters, Zapata (Audrey Esparza) wants to play a game and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) is willing; she’s up for any kind of game. Starting on a rampage of thoughts about Levi Hart, a running back for college in the city, Patterson doesn’t understand initially but as Zapata continues it all starts to become clear. Levi has recently been kicked off the team for drugs, and with that piece of evidence Tasha was able to deduce a set of numbers found of Jane’s body matched National Championship wins for Hudson University Football Teams. Teams that Levi Hart was a member of. Can we take a moment to applaud the comic chemistry of these two ladies – Ashley Johnson’s delivery of “You’re a wizard” may just be my favourite line of the season. The delivery so in line with Patterson, I was in stitches and add to that Audrey Esparza’s look of pride beaming as Tasha, the moment was gold. As Patterson catches the team up, making sure to mention Zapata’s role in cracking the tattoo, Reade (Rob Brown) admits to having a contact on the inside that may be able to shed light on the current situation at Hudson University.

The contact Reade has, Coach Jones, directly associated with the football program at Hudson University. What starts out as a friendly chat, turns very quickly in a stonewall when the President of the University shows up and shuts down the conversation. They definitely have something to hide. As the team walks away, Patterson is giving them some information on Levi Hart when their comms breakdown. No sooner do we hear gun shots sound from the campus and our team jumps to action. The episode this week is shot and edited with flashbacks and present day following each member of the team prior to the shooting. This tool offers the audience an insight into the mindset and personal significance this case would have on the members. Four hours earlier “Lauren” (Zapata) is in attendance at her first Gamblers Anonymous meeting and she refuses to share. We cut back to the present day and she is the first to come face to face with one of the shooters. Unfortunately though, she also comes across a bloodied and shot Coach Jones; tying off the wound and trying to get to safety, she’s cornered in the auditorium with no ammo. End scene.

Five hours earlier, Jane and Oscar (Francois Arnaud) are once again post-sex when he admits that being her handler may not be the best thing anymore. For the mission, it could put it in jeopardy. Jane (Jaimie Alexander) loses it, like holds nothing back loses it, and insists that Oscar not disappear on her. In present time, Jane witnesses the gunman chasing the coach and as she is in pursuit she is stopped by the youngest, most frightened looking security guard ever. She puts her gun down, but as the guard moves closer she does her best lethal move to de-gun him. He barely has a chance to fight back. As they decide to work together, a bleeding president stumbles from the shadows. Thinking quickly on her feet, Jane cauterises the wound and insists the guard get her to safety. Following the sound of gunshots, Jane interrupts the gun battle between Zapata and the lone-gunman. Apprehending the offender while saving Zapata’s life, they are given one last threat – “You have no idea what is coming.”

Meanwhile, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) has come across another shooting victim who states the shoot is none other than Levi Hart. As he continues his search for Levi, Weller comes across doors rigged with explosives. This plot is extensive. After a short, but powerful shoot out an explosion occurs and Levi gets away. Luckily, by this time, Patterson and Mayfair have received word of the shooting and are doing everything they can to save their team. The team rendezvous as they swap Intel and wait for Patterson to work her technological magic on their communication systems. Problem is they are one person down; there is no Reade. Somewhere else on campus, Reade has accidently triggered the door bomb Weller came across previously; he is stuck holding the handle until he can find something to prolong the explosion. Working swiftly on his feet, he uses the earring of Valerie – a young girl whose boyfriend was just shot – to plug the hole of the grenade. With only seconds to spare, he lets go of the handle and dives to safety. He survives sure, but when he gets to his feet, as gun is being held to his head.

Levi has Reade at gunpoint demanding he be taken to Coach Jones. Trying to develop a rapport with Levi Reade uses his own experience with Jones to get through to him. But what he discovers is so much worse than he predicted. Must note, that during this time, Patterson restored communication and the team can hear everything Reade is saying and vice versa. Reade is leading Levi to the location while Levi gives a heartbreaking recount on the type of treatment he received from the coach; he was abused, continuously, and didn’t know how to stop it. This entire exchange was gripping and as Levi bares his soul the audience can’t help but feel for the kid. With one last ditch attempt to get Levi to drop his gun and surrender failing, Levi is shot in the head by Weller. It is obvious the team is so conflicted about the case as a whole, but none more so than Reade; so deeply angry, when Coach Jones is wheeled away, Reade ensures his once idol, that he won’t get away with it, that all of what happened that day was because of him.

In what may measure up as one of the most heartbreaking ends to an episode this season, we discover the college was involved in paying off Jones’ victims, scholarship funds to be specific were used as hush money. Reade is obviously torn up after the day’s events; learning that someone you have revered for your entire life turns out to be a monster, that has got to cut deep. And it does. As he is joined by Weller in the locker room, Reade makes a point of “no lecture”; he doesn’t want to talk about it. How about we drink? Elsewhere, in a moment that demonstrates the evolution of Jane’s self-assurance, she lays the law down to Oscar. He is the only one that knows her, that there is no one better for the job of handling her than him. He makes her feel safe. From the beginning I have been a solid #Jeller shipper, but this scene did make me question it. Jaimie Alexander and Francois Arnaud play this dynamic so understated but with such a passion you can’t help but root for Jane and Oscar. Too bad though, when a little later we see Oscar and an unidentified team member alone in a cold room, with a body. Noticing that Oscar is not with it, the individual makes the observation that Oscar has become “too close to her”. This mystery regarding Oscar’s double life is starting to build and I have a feeling Jane is going to feel completely betrayed. Add to the mystery the fact that the body is Carter’s and the audience are left gasping as the screen fades to black.


Other Key Notes:

  • Weller and his Father make up – again
  • Zapata finally shares at group – we learn her partner was shot on the job
  • Mayfair cleans out her bank account ($48,000) and gives it to Sophia