Blue Bloods (S06E21) “The Extra Mile”



Frank and his team are negotiating overtime rates. Next up is the topic of the policeman’s ball. Frank says he won’t go but the team can report back that they asked.

Frank is in with Baker. Then Garrett and Gormley come in and ask Frank how he is and if he is having a good day. Frank says they have never asked this question before. Then Garrett says he wants Frank to be at the policeman’s ball joining in with the other policemen. Frank doesn’t want to go so the police can have fun. Frank tells Gormley to go in his place to represent the 1PP.

Gormley tells Frank he is willing to represent Frank at the policeman’s ball but his wife Sheila has something else planned that night so he can’t go. Frank is onto him and tells Baker to call Mrs. Gormley. Mr. Gormley says not to. Frank tells Gormley it is his job to represent his office to the cops so Gormley agrees to go to the policeman’s ball.

Later in yet another meeting, Frank announces to his people that he is cancelling the policeman’s ball. Gormley says he can’t do that. They look forward to it all year. Frank says he just did. Gormley says the policemen will have low morale without the ball.

Erin and Anthony

Erin is talking to a young black man named Willis who says his grandma says no good will come from this. They are trying to nail the guy that shot and killed his cousin. The suspect is named Tariq. Erin says he has to point to Tariq in court and he will be at the defense table. Erin says there are armed guards in the courtroom. Willis asks if he can go to the bathroom. Willis is worried about his personal safety from Tariq’s gang if he testifies. Erin offers witness protection but Willis doesn’t want to leave his life. Erin’s partner Anthony says Willis has a good life here. After Willis doesn’t come back they go to the bathroom and discover that Willis has disappeared.

Anthony asks Erin what she will do. Ask for a continuance? She says they have already asked for two. The judge already knows her witness isn’t there. Erin asks for a material witness order because he testified under oath that he witnessed Tariq shoot and kill a man in cold blood.

Erin explains to the judge that Willis now fears for his life and refuses to testify. The judge grants the material witness order. This is a court order requiring Willis to testify in court.

Anthony knocks on a door and asks if Willis is there. The lady tells Anthony to put the badge away and asks if he is trying to get someone killed. She says Willis isn’t here and isn’t going to be here. She is afraid of the gang members. This must be Willis’s grandmother. Anthony says he has a material witness order for Willis. Grandma says if Willis says one wrong word about Tariq in that courtroom it is a guaranteed bullet in the head for Willis. Anthony says he just wants what is best. Grandma says no, you don’t. If you did, you would leave that boy alone.

Anthony knocks at another door and it is Willis’s apartment. Willis doesn’t let Anthony in. Willis tells Anthony to go away and that he didn’t do anything. Anthony says he has a court order. Willis says they are going to kill him if he goes to court and testifies. Willis runs out the back window of the apartment. There are police there waiting for him. Erin is there and says she is sorry.

Willis is talking to Erin and Anthony at the precinct and he says what they are doing is wrong. Willis keeps saying he is not the bad guy here. Erin shows Willis a signed order for witness protection for him and his family. He can pick a spot on the map. Willis says his grandma is 62 years old and they want them to give up their name and their life. Erin says she is just asking Willis to finish what he started when he testified before the grand jury. Erin says she has a court order that can hold Willis in a cell until it is time to testify and that is what she does. She has the officers take him away. Willis says he prefers a cell to a coffin. Anthony looks upset and Erin says not now.

Anthony tells Erin that Willis is in a cell next to Tariq and that she needs to move Willis. Erin says she can’t do that. It was her idea to put Willis next to Tariq. Anthony is yelling at Erin telling her she shouldn’t be doing this. That Willis isn’t the bad guy. Erin says she is doing what she has to do to get a killer off the street.

Anthony submits Erin a resignation to her unit and a transfer to records.

Erin knocks on Anthony’s office as he is packing. She asks if he is really going through with this. Anthony says he is busy. Erin says she has something to show Anthony. Erin had a video camera on Tariq and Willis’s cells. She shows a video to Anthony where Tariq confesses to Willis that he killed his cousin and says he will do the same thing to Willis if Willis testifies. Tariq has now been sentenced to 25 years. Willis will now be free to live his life. Anthony said Erin set this all up. Erin says yes she did. She had to make Anthony and Willis believe her. Erin says if Anthony stays she will never keep him in the dark again. Anthony asks if she swears it and she says yes so now Anthony is going to stay working with Erin. Erin and Anthony shake hands.

So Erin can pull off some stunts just like her brother Danny and her father Frank. Good for Erin. I enjoyed seeing this side of her. At times she did seem unreasonable but it was all an act and all for a good reason. She took a gamble on how things would turn out and she was right.

Danny and Baez

Danny and Baez are cruising trying to decide where to go for lunch. They respond to a call at a wine shop and there is a dead guy behind the counter. There is another victim who is alive but bleeding from a wound in the leg. He says he is a customer and asks why they shot him. Baez has called an ambulance.

Danny and Baez are at the hospital interviewing the witness/shooting victim. His name is Joe. He is a teacher and a soccer coach. Joe thanks the detectives for helping him and that he is happy to be alive and missing his students already. They ask if he is up to talking. Joe says yes. The shooter is a black guy. Not super tall. Danny says the store’s security cameras weren’t running so they need his help. Joe says he hid in the back and didn’t see much. He must have made a noise because the shooter came back and looked for him and he said please don’t shoot but he shot him and ran. Joe says he called 911. He thought he was going to die there. Danny asks if they can send up a sketch artist. Joe says anything he can do to help. I don’t buy it. There is something off about Joe.

Baez has the sketch of the liquor store robbery/murder suspect. Danny says it is too generic. Baez has come up with a possible match. Morgan Rutherford. They go to a bar looking for him. Baez tells Danny to try not to look so much like a cop. Danny and Baez find Morgan and he runs. It actually looks like a bar and a wine supply company that could be supplying the wine to that wine store that was robbed. Danny catches and arrests the suspect.

Danny and Baez have Morgan in an interrogation room. Morgan says he didn’t do anything. Danny asks why he ran. He says he’s black. He runs anytime the police come after him. Danny asks if he was by that wine store. Morgan says he knows where it is but he wasn’t there. He says he was with his parole officer and to call him up.

Danny and Baez are talking and Danny says he likes to think they are smart cops but not as smart as he likes to think. Danny is starting to realize that Joe did not give the right description. Danny says he fell for something. In fact, he thinks the witness might be the suspect. He only makes $50,000 a year. Danny says maybe the suspect looks more like the “victim.”

Danny stops to visit Linda at work and brought her lunch. He asks if the shooting victim, Joe, has been behaving strangely. Linda says no one has visited him, not even his wife. Danny asks what would he have to do that Linda wouldn’t visit him in the hospital. Danny finally comes out and says how about robbing a liquor store. Joe has a degree in anatomy and asks Linda if the shot could be self-inflicted. Like maybe he was robbing the place, heard the sirens and panicked and shot himself to make himself look like a victim. Linda asks where was the weapon? It’s not as if the victim carried it in to the hospital himself. Danny then tells Joe that he needs to take his bag in for evidence. Joe doesn’t want to let Danny look in the bag. Joe says he can’t look in the bag without a warrant. Danny asks Joe if he remembers when he said he would do anything possible to find the animal who did this. Danny says so would he.

Danny goes to talk to Erin and tells her about the situation. Erin says it’s circumstantial. Until Danny can come up with real evidence she can’t provide a warrant.

Danny is at the hospital and Joe is checking out. Joe says he is feeling good. Danny asks if his wife will pick him up. Joe says no. She is busy. Danny offers to give Joe a ride home. Then the police bring in a k9 unit to sniff out a weapon in Joe’s bag but the dog doesn’t find anything so they have to let Joe go.

Baez comes in and says he doesn’t think Joe was working alone. Look at the credit card bills. Joe’s wife is a compulsive gambler. There are charges from multiple casinos in Atlantic City. Joe arrives home and his wife runs down to hug and meet Joe and escort him in to the apartment. Danny and Baez are watching this and want to check her blood to see if she was at the crime scene too.

Danny stops by to talk to Joe in a restaurant. Joe is alone. Danny tells Joe he has the killer. He tells Joe to turn around and that his wife is the suspect. Joe turns around and sees his wife in handcuffs. Danny says her DNA is all over the place. Joe says she had nothing to do with it. He is trying to protect his wife. Danny says he is going to be arrested too for accessory to homicide.


Now it is family dinner time at the Reagans. Danny is going to the party. So is Jamie. Jamie knows about the rumor that Frank almost canceled the party if Gormley wouldn’t go. Jamie tries to get Frank to go. Frank says he will only go if he hears the party is getting out of hand. Danny and Jamie leave to go to the party.

Later, Frank and Garrett are out at a bar having a drink. Garrett is looking at his phone and says his guys are telling him the party is off the hook. Frank asks does that mean the party is out of hand. Garrett says yes. Garrett says he knows that Frank was never going to cancel the party. Now Gormley looks like a hero for saving the party. Frank looks like the bad guy. Frank says he truly didn’t want to go to the party. The end.

Next Friday is the season six finale of Blue Bloods.