Last Man On Earth (S02E16) “Falling Slowly”

Review: After Mike and Phil made up at the end of last week’s episode, things seem to get back to normal, as far as this show can ever be normal. Mike and Phil are bonding through karaoke and all is right with the world. Until Carol tells Phil about her proposal to Todd (that we saw last week). Phil first doesn’t approve (and also disapproves of Mike being the father of the baby), but when he realizes that this is the only way of Carol getting pregnant, he agrees.

Since Todd and Carol will conceive this baby the old-fashioned way and Carol’s values have to be respected, Carol and Phil have to get a divorce and she and Todd have to get married. The ceremony is led by Phil, but when he realizes he rather wants his brother to be the baby daddy, he objects to the wedding. Todd of course understands, and Mike is very happy to be the one marrying Carol to make a baby. So Carol and Mike get married, Gail and Melissa are happy that she didn’t marry Todd and Todd is disappointed and angry at Phil, even though he said he was fine.

Then after the wedding, when Phil sees that Carol and Mike are getting along pretty well, he’s afraid that he will lose Carol, so he decides that he will be in the room when they have sex. This leads to the most awkward scene I think I’ve ever seen on TV. Carol and Mike’s picnic-themed sexual encounter is interrupted by Phil telling Carol for the first time that he loves her, before Mike and Carol consummate the marriage.

The next morning however, it turns out that Carol is pregnant and because nothing happened between her and Mike, it must be Phil’s baby! Most of the gang is celebrating, besides Todd who’s still angry at Phil, and Gail who’s outside “having a date with a friend from Bordeaux”. But before she can finish her wine, she gets disturbed by what seems to be a drone.

With Todd and Phil’s friendship falling apart and the drone, there are plenty of new storylines to expect in the last two episodes of the season and I can’t wait to see them.

“Falling Slowly” is one of my favorite episodes of Last Man On Earth so far. I don’t think I have ever watched an episode on TV with the amount of WTF moments this episode has. It was all just so weird and awkward, and it couldn’t be more like how Last Man On Earth is supposed to be.

After two episodes that I enjoyed a little less, this episode was so ridiculous and great! I’m happy that the show got back to its old self. Phil is a lot more likable now and Mike blends in perfectly with the rest of the gang. I also really loved the other characters in this episode and I think the cast did a fantastic job!

Rating: 9.5/10

Gail is my spirit animal:

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Todd, never stop dancing.