The Originals: (S03E19) ‘No More Heartbreaks’

A shocking twists of events, with the group trying to help Cami with all of their ways possible. This time however they weren’t able to save her and because they wanted to give her the luxury of a choice something which the originals never do. 

Throughout the episode I was expecting her to cure up any moment and you have to give it to the writers for killing a main character even though they could have explored the vampire angle of hers more but deciding to not cure her means there is some form of not everyone coming back. 

But a lot can happen like them transferring her somehow or maybe something. You never know that’s the best part about the supernatural world there are no rules.

On the other side of the story Devina faces Lucian to find the truth and he tells her the ancestors have a plan for her which she find out. Kol had taken the white oak stake Klaus used to put his brother’s in the box and asks Devina to stab him. The ancestors however had other ideas and got the white oak stake out of him and he ends up ripping Devina up.

The question remains will she survive or will she become a vampire. What I am actually excited about is seeing a ruthless Klaus come up!