Grey’s Anatomy (S12E21): “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”


Review: This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is all about choosing sides (and being on someone’s side). Arizona and Callie are in a custody battle and in order to improve their chances of winning they need people who can testify for them in court.

Arizona wants to ask Jackson and April before givingApril an ultrasound, but Penny walks into the room because she is on Arizona’s service today. The ultrasound seems to be okay at first and they are all celebrating and relieved, but then Arizona sees something when she takes a look at the baby’s brains. She is not sure if something’s really wrong or that it’s just the way it looks on the ultrasound. Of course April starts to freak out immediately. Just when you thought we would get a few weeks free off any Japril drama. In the end the baby turns out to be fine.

Callie thinks she has Alex and Meredith on her side, but when she asks Alex he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to take sides and wants to be kept out of this fight. Arizona asks too, but again he is not picking sides. Arizona’s can’t take all the pressure and breaks down in the middle of the cafeteria. Dr. Webber talks her down and tells her she should fight for what she want and that she should fight for Sophia. So at least dr. Webber is on Arizona’s side (and so seems dr. bailey). Meredith and Owen on the other hand are seriously considering Callie’s request to testify for her in court. Perhaps it’s time for someone to explain to Callie that it’s a bit impulsive to move to the other side of the country for your resident girlfriend (who she’s known for how long exactly?) and that she can’t just assume she gets to take her child with her.

In the meantime Meredith is encouraging Amelia and Owen to make it real and become a couple. Or actually she’s been teasing Owen all day after she and Maggie walked in on him and Amelia being naked and asleep on the couch.  Meredith’s couch. She is spreading the word to everyone who might want to hear the story and she’s making comments to Owen about it. But at the end of the day she does tell Amelia to just take a chance. Amelia goes to see Owen and they seem to finally agree to be in this relationship for real.  

What about Ben Warren and Bailey? They are clearly not on each other’s sides. Bailey warned dr. Warren to not take a job as an anesthesiologist or he would have to move out. He doesn’t have moved out yet though, but he is sleeping on the couch. And of course when dr. Bailey is going into surgery it is dr. Warren who is their anesthesiologist for the day. Maggie and Riggs get to witness them fighting during surgery.  Afterwards Maggie goes to dr. Warren and explains that it is for a reason he still gets to work at the hospital. If it would have been anyone else, that person would have been long gone. Dr. Riggs talks to Bailey and gets her to see dr. Warren is just trying to learn and be the best he can be just as every other (good) intern would do. And this might have helped both Bailey and Warren to see the other’s side, but it doesn’t mean they are ready to forgive and forget (yet).

Also the patient case is Stephanie’s love interest, Kyle. Kyle as in the musician (guitar) and former patient she finally went on a date with just last week. Unfortunately for Kyle  he has another tremor in his hand, meaning he needs brain surgery again. Or actually it is Stephanie who decides Kyle should have surgery again and Kyle? Well, he seems to just let Stephanie decide. I mean, it’s just surgery, nothing too major. Amelia is surprised to see Stephanie by his side and doesn’t want her on the case, because you’re not supposed to treat family or friends. Stephanie is pissed at Amelia for denying her access to the OR and not allowing her to do anything. During Kyle’s surgery she will have to be in the waiting room just like any other person in this hospital. Stephanie is not taking this very well. When Kyles recovering from the surgery Stephanie herself suggested he needed she is leaving him a goodbye note. Did we miss something? Were they even an official couple? They were together for like three seconds, but Stephanie is heartbroken, because she felt she had to choose between him and surgery and of course she chose surgery.