Scandal (S05E19): “Buckle Up”


Review: Mellie, Hollis and Susan are preparing to meet the Governor of Florida, Louise Baker, and get her endorsement. And so everybody needs to buckle up, because they are heading to the sunshine State to have dinner.

Abby and Olivia are having some kind of silent fight where they try to outsmart each other as chiefs of staff. Luckily for Mellie the governor of Florida has already picked her as her lead choice. That is, if David Rosen isn’t willing to drop an investigation that is ruining Louise Baker’s cash flow at the moment.  Baker offers her endorsement (in favor of Susan) if David drops the case. By the way, David Rosen is sleeping on hotel floors now trying to show Susan that he is sorry and that he will do everything to make it up to her.

Meanwhile Abby has just committed a criminal act by grounding Air Force One due to mechanical issues. Mechanical issues, just when Mellie Grant is trying to get to Florida in time? Abby and Olivia aren’t really on speaking terms, so Olivia needs to find a way around it since Abby is basically running the country, doing what she wants and right now she wants to keep Air Force One grounded. Olivia goes to the press and claims the President of the United States is purposely keeping Mellie Grant from getting to Florida, but this strategy isn’t working. It is Harrison who suggests to Mellie that she should go talk to the President herself. Abby and Olivia are left behind and the situation is now beyond their control. Fitz and Mellie even get to the point of discussing Andrew’s death while they keep on smiling. Mellie was unaware of the fact that Olivia was the one who killed Andrew (she figured it was Elizabeth North). Mellie does get the President to move the plane and accompany her to the governors dinner (an hour late).

Also Cyrus is having a mental breakdown. He is so focused upon making Vargas the new President and being his chief of Staff that he isn’t seeing things clear anymore. He wants to be king and all that kind of stuff. Vargas’ brother, Alex, is still looking into Cyrus and the hostage incident where his brother came out a hero. He has already has come across Tom and found out about him and Cyrus sleeping together (information he also shared with Michael). When Michael accuses Cyrus of sleeping with someone else, Cyrus doesn’t even deny it or makes an effort to pretend he is sorry. Instead he is very mean and he basically tells Michael to back off and stay out of his business. If not, he needs to be taken care off. Everybody clearly needs to watch their backs. Especially, Alex, Cyrus already got him fired this episode (with Michaels help?) and he will probably stop at nothing.

Back in Florida Louise Baker is giving Susan Ross her endorsement. Susan is as happy as can be. We find out this was not a coincidence, because David took the deal to make Baker favor Susan. For a change, it wasn’t even Elizabeth North’s plan and it was not a smart move either, clearly, because Susan had just forgiven David for cheating on her. And now he has betrayed her trust again. Most surprisingly it is actually Hollis Doyle who wins Florida. Bakers endorsing Susan was not enough and it was definitely not enough to erase the turbulence on the tarmac incident.

In the meantime Huck tries to get Olivia to talk. Olivia is not being herself lately and since Huck knows a thing or few about killing people he wants to help her. Olivia opens up and explains how she feels and why she isn’t trying to save Jake anymore. She doesn’t seem to feel any remorse about killing Andrew, by the way.  Abby on the other hand still having a hard time with Andrew’s death. His crushed and bloodied face is haunting her and she doesn’t know how to deal.  

Anyway Abby and Olivia clearly need to find their way back to each other. When they finally talk to each other Olivia sounds a bit like her father rambling about how she is the one that built the White House and that she wants her power back. In the end they do agree on one topic: Hollis Doyle. He needs to go and so Hollis Doyle has become common ground. Abby and Liv are going to take down Hollis Doyle together. Well, Buckle up Hollis.