The Vampire Diaries (S07E20) “Kill ‘Em All”


Last episode ended with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) finding out that Reyna’s list was longer than expected. Therefore, saving Bonnie (Kat Graham) is getting more complicated than what Damon and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) initially thought. Let’s recap.

First, Bonnie goes to the Mental Center to talk with the other witch that had information about the vault. What vault? The one that the Armory wants Bonnie to open, because she’s the only Bennet witch left, and only a Bennet witch can open it. The only thing we knew so far is that the Armory’s leader sister has been there trapped for around 4 years and she wants to let her out. But, what the witch told Bonnie is that whatever is inside the vault was some kind of goodness-eater, I mean the witch said “it makes disappear your compassion, your capacity of love, until everything left is darkness.” She made Bonnie promised that she wouldn’t open that vault and let out whatever was inside. This plot about the mysterious thing inside the vault is kind of interesting, it left me wanting to know what kind of creature can simply disappear the goodness from one person with only entering the vault for a few minutes.

 Meanwhile, Enzo and Damon were still killing off vampires from the list and Damon once again asked Stefan to help him with the list. Damon, well being Damon, paired Stefan with Matt (Zach Roerig), whom was the one to break out Reyna and helped her to find and kill Stefan. We also saw another addition to the vampire killing squad, Alaric (Matt Davis) and Caroline (Candice King) also tried to help in behalf of Bonnie. Finally we had Caroline back in our screens and not only acting as the babies mother.

While Stefan and Matt are forced to work together we finally learned why Matt wanted Stefan dead. Apparently, Matt believed that Stefan was the one that killed his fiancé and compelled the memory out of him. After Matt insisting on knowing what happened, Stefan compelled him to remember. It turned out that Matt was the one who killed the girl, I guess by accident, Stefan tried to healed her with his blood but it was too late. So finally, Matt learned the truth and I think he can know have closure for that chapter of his life.

Later when Bonnie discovered that her magic had returned she insisted on injecting Reyna’s blood in her system putting in jeopardy her own life and the little time she has left, because she does not want to risk the Armory finding her. We had also more Benzo or Bonenzo (which ever you like better) when Bonnie asked Enzo to come back to her. Damon encouraged him to get back to her, and he did. They definitely looked so cute together, I hope the writers will let Bonnie be happy with a love interest for once. 

Damon  being alone took this opportunity to bargain with the Armory. He asked them to help killing off the vampires from the list in exchange of giving them Bonnie so she could open the vault. The Armory conceded and helped with the killing but to ensure Bonnie’s cooperation they kidnapped Caroline and Alaric. After this knowledge Bonnie did opened the vault but then she did a spelled to keep closed the Armory with everyone inside.

The only thing I was not that happy with was watching Caroline and Alaric in the same screen, I’m so sorry but they don’t have chemistry and they don’t look good together, their relationship in my opinion is just fake and should end as soon as possible. Also, while they where discussing her returned they didn’t mention anything about her being in New Orleans looking for Klaus (Joseph Morgan | The Originals). I just hope the writers don’t drop completely this storyline, I know there are fans dying to know what happened there.

Going back to Bonnie, by the end of the episode, after all vampires were dead, Damon settled a shaman to transfer last Reyna’s life to Bonnie. But Reyna had a very inconvenient surprise to Damon, Bonnie will now have to carry Reyna’s burden for her remaining years alive.

In conclusion, now Bonnie apparently will be the next vampire hunter, the vault was opened and the thing is kind of out. So, what did you thought about this episode? Don’t forget to drop a comment bellow and remember to watch next week episode.

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8|7c in CW.