Game of Thrones: (S06E02) ‘Home’

Its been well over an hour since I finished watching this weeks episode of Game of Thrones. My television is still paused on the credits, I have opened my laptop about five times, still unable to form a coherent thought. So instead of writing my review out immediately I went online to watch reaction videos, I searched Instagram hashtag and of course, scrolled through Twitter. For some reason I just wanted to soak up that episode even more. I needed another hour or five just to really accept the fact that I will have to wait an entire week for another dose.

By now we all know why, you wouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t heard the news.. Jon Snow lives. Usually with big twist on this show, the other contents of the episode pales to the ending and while nothing compares to that final scene, this week’s episode was brilliant. If you read my premiere review then you’d know I expected this would happen but questioned how producers would drag it out until episode eight. Everyone knows the real action happens at the end of the season but so far the first two episodes have delivered remarkable storylines and added real value to the show.

Lets start from the beginning, where it all started… with Bran. We finally get to see the beloved Stark and what his been up to in that strange cave/tree. We first see him happily walking in a flashback in Winterfell with Ned and more importantly, Lyanna Stark. This is her first appearance, whether she’s young or not, and this tells us a lot. Finally, we will learn what really happened between Lyanna and Rhaegar through Bran’s gifts. I always wondered how the show would incorporate that story. If you watched next week’s trailer, fittingly named ‘Oath Keeper’, you’d see a flashback with Ned saying something about the ‘end’.

This leads may, including myself, that the R + L = J theory will finally come to an end. This week’s episode was named ‘Home’ because of Bran’s flashback or perhaps Jon coming ‘Home’ figuratively. In the books Lyanna makes Ned promise her something before she dies and it is never revealed what that promise is. But Ned swears he will keep his promise or should we say ‘Oath’ as in ‘Oath Keeper’. If you did research then you’ll know that many believe that Lyanna had made Ned swear to keep Jon, a Targaryen/Stark, safe.

Now that this storyline could be coming to an end AND Jon has returned, the show could be moving on drastically. For years we have heard that Winter is Coming and the producers once said they hope to end the show around season 8, so this fast movement has been long coming. The war that has been promised can’t be won overnight. It will take time and preferably an entire season or two. They could no longer drag the plot along at the snail pace it’s been used to. I would love if this show packed a punch every week instead of the last few weeks.

The other storylines were brilliant as well. Since Bran has returned with flashbacks, we will have to miss out on a few characters like Khaleesi and her whereabouts. However, this doesn’t mean that Meereen has grown boring, Tyrion is proving to be quite an improvement to that story and I’m so pleased to see the Dragons free. And if you want to have your head reeling, you could do some research and see that some theorist believe the Imp is Targaryen as well. But that’s a rant for another day.

There were some major changes at Winterfell as well with Ramsey at the head of them all. I expected Roose death and I even expected Ramsey would kill his baby brother but the method used was pure evil. I swear Ramsey makes me miss Joffery sometimes. But this all means that Ramsey will fight Jon in that battle we saw in the trailer, hopefully meaning Sansa will eventually meet up with her brother. I wouldn’t care if Rickon met up with Sansa, I just like a Stark reunion already.

Arya has also made some progress and I’m curious to see where she will fit in with the bigger picture. The Ironborn will now finally have a valuable plot I hope since the King’s death and Theon’s inevitable return. Last week Dorne came into the game and this week we see the Ironborn make its move as well. Usually the three main houses were at play, but strengthening the other houses could make this show more intriguing.

All in all, great episode and what a win for the Starks. I truly feel like the show has finally gone to the place its been trying to avoid. Can’t wait for next week!