The Family: (S01E10) “Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend You’re Pregnant”


Ten years ago they are dedicating a tree at Adam’s school in his memory. Everyone in the family says something nice as they throw a shovel of dirt around the tree until we get to Danny who freaks out and says some inappropriate things and says this is pointless.

Present day. Willa tells Ben Happy Birthday and asks how old he is. He says 19. For some reason Willa tells Ben that Danny broke her nose once on a family trip. Willa asks Ben if she and Adam ever fought while they were in the dungeon together. Ben says no and asks Willa if there is something she wants to ask him. Danny and Claire join them at breakfast. They talk about living in the governor’s mansion. Claire says she hasn’t won yet. It is two months since Ben has come home and Claire asks what he wants for dinner. He says Chinese. Claire asks Willa how much of her soul she sold for the DNA test.

Hank has been waiting all night to see Detective Meyer. An officer says Detective Meyer is out on an important call. They have found her partner’s car. His name is Officer Clements. There is alcohol in the car and footsteps leading away from the car. Meyer says those aren’t his footsteps. They are the footsteps of whoever took him.

Jane is feeding Officer Clements. He says he is in bad shape. He is sweating and has a fever from the infected head wound she gave him.

Detective Meyer comes back to the precinct. Hank says she owes him time. He tells her the number of minutes he was in jail for ten years. Hank says the world needs more heroes and Detective Meyer is going to make him one. Hank says the kidnapper was at his house ten years ago and at the park that night. Hank says Detective Meyer is going to tell the world that Hank found her monster. He brings the birdhouse out of the bag and tells Detective Meyer to arrest him as he taps the symbol Doug uses as his signature.

Next we see Detective Meyer watching a video of herself interviewing Doug from ten years ago. One of her coworkers comes in and said he had an alibi. She said  it was his girlfriend implying she could have lied. Detective Meyer blames herself for letting him go.

Bridey calls Willa and asks her what she is doing. Willa is out walking on the street but tells Bridey that she is buried at the office. Bridey is in the car watching Willa. Bridey tells Willa she is thinking of her. Willa says she is thinking of her too. Then Willa meets a guy and kisses him on the mouth. Bridey takes a picture of this. Then Bridey goes and tells her boss about the guy Willa met and shows him the picture. He tells her to get the whole story. Bridey senses this guy has something to do with the kid in the Warren house and the DNA test.

John crosses the street to Hank’s house as he is taking down the for sale sign. Hank says he decided to stay. John asks why all the cop cars are at Hank’s house. Hank doesn’t say.

Willa and Claire are talking about Detective Meyer knowing that Ben isn’t Adam. Ben says don’t worry. Doug will never tell that he had two kids down there and that only one came out alive.

Jane is bathing Officer Clements wound and he tells her she isn’t a bad person and that she is just trying to protect Doug. Jane says there was a boy twelve years ago where he used to live. Doug said he didn’t do it and Jane says she believed him. I don’t think she really did.

Detective Meyer and a bunch of cops are at Doug’s house house with a warrant to search the premises. They go through the house. They see the shack out back and go into it. They even go downstairs. There is nothing or no one there. Jane and Officer Clements are somewhere else. At the same time they are at Doug’s house in town they show Jane coming upstairs from where Officer Clements is. It looks like a house in the woods.

Ten years ago Danny is yelling for mom. Willa says she is in bed. Danny said they need food. Claire comes out. Danny isn’t going to eat any more casseroles. Claire says she will cook whatever they want. Willa says they can order Thai.

Back at Doug’s house, one of Detective Meyer’s cops tells her that Officer Clements is an alcoholic and has gone on a bender before.

Now at Doug and Jane’s place in the woods, Doug comes in and Jane drops a cup and cuts her hand. Doug helps her clean the wound. Doug says he did have a boy here a year ago and he knew he couldn’t keep him and so he decided to end it. That same night Jane told Doug she was pregnant by giving him a onesie. Doug knows about Officer Clements. He says they will have to tell the police he was the one who assaulted Officer Clements otherwise they will put her away and will take the baby away. Jane tells Doug that she would like to see him burn in hell. Finally Jane is standing up to Doug.

Claire is talking to Ben about what they gave Danny and Willa for their 18th birthdays. Now Claire hands Ben a watch and asks if he thinks Adam would have liked it. Claire says it is her father’s watch. Ben says Adam liked newer stuff better. She asks Ben if he likes old stuff. Ben says she doesn’t have to do this. She places the watch on his wrist and says she is sorry they can’t celebrate his birthday. She says she is sick of secrets. Ben says he knows.

Ben is at the park. Doug comes to sit by him. Ben says they let him take walks. Doug says the police searched his house. Ben says they know his name. Doug asks what else do they know? I can’t believe they are talking out in public!!!!

Flashback to ten years ago. Danny is in the kitchen with a bunch of friends and they are eating pizza and playing music. Claire tells the boys they have to go so they leave. Danny is upset that Claire doesn’t care that they won the game. He is tired of the house being in mourning. Claire says we lost a child. Danny says you have two left.

Back to today. Danny goes to meet Bridey in a bar. Danny tells Bridey they are not doing this anymore. Danny says he is not sharing a chick with his sister. So he knows about Willa. Wow! Bridey doesn’t even seem shocked that Danny knows. Danny says Willa is special and that this thing with Bridey was important to her. Danny tells Bridey that whatever she is doing with Willa it has to stop. Bridey says OK and leaves.

John is out picking up Chinese like Ben wanted. He sees Hank in the restaurant and says hello. John says he would like to pay for Hank’s dinner. Hank says bad idea. What he ordered was expensive. John leaves some money on Hank’s table. Then John sits down and asks how Hank knows the guy who took his son. Hank asks why John wanted to pay for his dinner. John says because he didn’t hurt his son.

Back out to Jane in the woods. She goes downstairs to Officer Clements and says her water broke. She doesn’t have a phone. Officer Clements says she needs to go to the hospital. She wants Officer Clements to help her. He keeps telling Jane to get the keys to the handcuffs. Doug is gone.

Claire shows up down at the police station. Officer Meyer takes her into an interview room. Claire asks if they have the name of the man who took Adam. Officer Meyer won’t tell her the name as it is an ongoing investigation and that the same person also took Officer Clements. Officer Meyer says if there is something Claire is not telling her she is obstructing a federal investigation. Officer Meyer asks who is living in their house as she knows it is not Adam. Claire calls Officer Meyer a whack a mole after that carnival game and that she can’t imagine what gets her out of bed in the morning. She locked up the wrong guy, left a kid locked up for ten years, and now her partner is missing. Claire says she doesn’t know what Officer Meyer is talking about and even if she did, she wouldn’t help Officer Meyer because she had an affair with John. Claire kills it in this scene. Claire says after she is governor, Officer Meyer will just be a crossing guard. I would have started crying if I was Officer Meyer. LOL!

Back to ten years ago. Danny is with all his team mates and classmates. Willa is there with a sign supporting Danny Warren. They go home. Danny is sitting outside on the porch listening to loud music and drinking. Willa asks what it is. Danny lies and says Gatorade and won’t let Willa have a sip when she asks for one. Willa says to give them a break meaning their parents. They lost a child.

Back to present day. Ben is setting the table. Willa sees the watch on Ben and she freaks out. She says Mom was saving that for Adam. Then Willa asks Ben if he hurt her brother. Ben says yes. Willa asks why. Ben says all he talked about was you, mom, dad, and Danny every day for ten years. He had everything. Willa says but you said you loved him. Ben says yes but I hated him too. Ben says he will get the forks.

Officer Clements is still in handcuffs and is talking Jane through the delivery while the Warrens are having their Chinese dinner. Willa looks a little sick but tries to smile. John is happy because he is the only one who doesn’t have a clue. Jane delivers her baby. He is crying. Officer says I’m sorry Jane, it’s a boy. She had thought it was a girl.

It is after supper. Willa is cleaning up. Claire says everyone is out at the fire pit. Claire asks Willa what she promised them. Willa says the microchipping contract and something else. Claire says you sold my whole soul then.

Back in the basement with Officer Clements, Jane, and the baby Officer Clements says he is going to send her his chiropractor bill. Officer Clements says Jane is going to get the key and drive them to the hospital. Jane says Doug took the key and she doesn’t know where he went. I am not sure that Doug has even left a car for Jane. Officer Clements says he is going to need a drink and asks if Jane has whiskey. Hmmm…what is he planning?

Willa is going through the cupboards. Danny comes in. Willa asks for vodka. Danny says it’s in the freezer. Danny asks if Willa has anything to tell him. Willa says no. The next scene shows Bridey in bed with Willa. Willa is sleeping. She goes through Willa’s laptop and copies some files.

Next Officer Meyer is at the precinct. Some report brings up bee pollen and woodchips and Officer Meyer says he was there, meaning Doug. Doug walks in, says “Detective Meyer,” points to his wanted poster, and says, “I am him.” Officer Meyer just stands there.

That is the end of the episode. Some secrets were revealed. I hope to hear more about them. Tune in next week to see what happens. There are only two more episodes of The Family left.