Fear the Walking Dead (S02E04): “Blood in the Streets”



Tonights episode of Fear the Walking Dead has to be hands down the best episode so far. I’ve gotta give it up to the creators and producers though for always getting me hooked into each episode right from the start. I mean woah, even more so in “Blood in the Streets” I know Nick is into some weird stuff but that was something I didn’t need to see also just the fact that he seemed some what okay doing it.

It’s obvious that the aftermath of Strands actions  are still affecting Travis which causes tension between Madison and him. Though that doesn’t last to long when a family in distress suddenly boards the Abigail and this isn’t the distress call you think it is. I mean if you watch the fear promos you would of know this was coming I just didn’t expect it so soon, so sudden and abruptly but it was perfect that energy and action was amazing. Straight to the point it was excellent, and the fact that they connected this to Jack the mysterious stranger Alicia was talking to in episode one was a nice touch. 

I was a little surprised to see Jesse McCartney back on my TV again, and he was insanely good to add. I was really opposed by his character though and his careless for human life, that sadistic and cut throat nature is also what made him such an intriguing character. He’s was clearly off his hinges so to speak which is what it easy for Daniel and Madison to get free in the last moments of tonights episode. Just to mention also the fact that Madison is cut throat when it comes to family and we definitely saw that when they were taking Travis and Alicia away so I’m curious to see it will change her and how she is going to cope and deal with these new circumstances. 

Yet again in this episode, we hardly see Ofelia except for that beginning scene where she and Chris are bonding over there parents and life. I’ve got to say I’m a little disappointed by this, since Mercedes is such a talented actress I’d like to see her get some more screen time. Also just for the character in general, I’d love to see more development here. 

Strand on the other hand in tonights episode wasn’t watching everyone like he usually is, he’s not in any of the pirate sequences. Neither is Nick, who we later on learn goes on a mission to get them safe passage to Mexico on Strands command. While he’s doing that, Strand leaves the boat after finding out Daniel sabotages his gun, so instead we got a very nice backstory from him which was very well written and surprising.

I knew we were going to get a gay character on Fear the Walking Dead this season, and the surprising twist with it being Strand is excellent writing on their part. Also the diversity on this show is impressive and refreshing to see on a major cable show, its definitely a nice change of pace and something I’d like to see more of. Just to note the flashback on tonights episode gave me Lost vibes which I loved so hopefully we’ll see more like this. So far we’ve learnt that Strand is not only gay, a con-man and a thief but turns out that his partner is the one who played him at his own game. Which will be so interesting to see when they arrive at Ouroboros. 

Alicia so far is probably the character that is going through the best character development in my opinion. We know she’s smart and fast learner but we definitely see that play out in tonights episode. The fact that she figured out that she can use Jack’s feelings for her as a way to help protect and take care of her family is very manipulative and a step up from the mistakes she made in episode one. The fact that she was playing him the whole episode just to see if he would go for it was genius I’m so intrigued I can’t wait to see what she does next now that her and Travis have been taken by them.

Either way Fear the Walking Dead has been really good so far, this season is such a step up from Season One in the best way possible. With all the twists and turns, the tension, the uncertainty and the trust issues. Not to mention that fact of multiple location changes is great and with no comic book to guide us with whats going to happen. It makes it much more intriguing and interesting, since were as in the dark as the characters are. Literally anything could happen, who’s gonna live or die, who’s the good guy or the bad guy and so much more. This is actually one of those shows I genuinely  look forward to watch each week.