Fresh Off The Boat (S02E20) “Hi, My Name Is…”

Review: When Evan opens a bank account and his parents tell him that his name was picked at random, he needs to decide which name he really wants to be on the account. Jessica and Louis try to convince him that names aren’t important, but that using his American name would be the easiest, by telling him the story of how they got their names: Jessica from the Allman Brothers’ song ‘Jessica’ and Louis by copying a cool guy named Louis. But their stories don’t make it easier for Evan to choose which name he wants to use on the bank papers. Eddie tries to get him to use ‘the name the street gives you’, but this story is the most unhelpful of all. Grandma Huang is eventually the one that helps Evan make his decision: “Your name doesn’t make you. You make your name.” And no matter what name he picks, he will always be who he is.

I loved seeing the neighbors in Jessica’s college classes. Especially Marvin killed it as the annoying student. And I also think it was great that Grandma Huang was the one giving Evan some useful advice, as she’s normally just in the background of scenes.

I think this episode really captured how all the characters of the Huang family really are: the Huang adults are cheap and want to open a bank account to get a free toaster (and Grandma Huang goes for the other free stuff at the bank), Evan wants to make a well thought out decision, like he always does, Eddie’s imaginary world is something only he could come up with, and also Emery’s one-liners are very typical for him. I enjoyed this episode. The story was funny and I loved seeing the flashbacks.

Rating: 9/10