The Odd Couple (S02E05) “Oscar’s Overture”


Oscar is taking Dani to lunch for their third work anniversary. Then Charlotte (played by Teri Hatcher) enters the elevator and Oscar kicks Dani off the elevator. Oscar takes this opportunity to ask Charlotte out again. She is chairing a fundraiser for the NY Philharmonic. Oscar says that’s where he would have taken her. She assumes he bought a whole table at the event. He lets her assume that.

Later Dani and Oscar are researching the event and it is $2,000 a table. Oscar tells Dani to book it. He wants Dani to come with him and she agrees. Felix enters and said he won flosser of the month at the dentist. Oscar asks Felix to help him with classical music. Felix gets upset when he says that Oscar is doing this just to con Charlotte. Felix says he won’t be a party to this deceit. Oscar says fine, I’ll just research myself and he finds the movie Beethoven with the dogs. LOL!

Teddy and his wife (played by Sheryl Underwood from “The Talk”) arrive at the event to sit at the table with Dani and Oscar. Teddy’s wife said to Dani that Teddy never told me you were so pretty. Then his wife says to him, “You also never told me Dani was a woman.” Teddy says “What, I am sure I did.” Felix shows up with Emily but says Oscar should not take this as an endorsement of his actions.

Felix finds out who the pianist for the evening is and he freaks out from happiness. His name is Nigel.

Dani is excited because there are two tickets on the silent auction for a Beyonce concert. She tells Emily and they go off to bid. Then Teddy’s wife says she would like to go too.

Oscar runs into Charlotte at the event and asks him some questions about classical music. Oscar evades the questions by saying he doesn’t like playing favorites. He excuses himself and asks Felix for help. Felix talks about how he and Emily are always honest with each other. Nigel comes out of the bathroom and comes up to Felix and Oscar and Felix botches his introduction because he is so excited.  Nigel asks Oscar for advice on a fantasy football league. Oscar doesn’t want to give him advice. Felix pretends to know something about football and says he can help him. Nigel asks Felix questions and he stumbles his way through them.

Oscar comes up to Charlotte and confesses that he was just trying to impress her and that he doesn’t like classical music or know anything about it. Charlotte asks why he lied to her. He says he was afraid Charlotte wouldn’t like him for him. Charlotte says she likes this guy she is talking to right now. Charlotte excuses herself for the bathroom.

Felix comes up to Oscar and asks him for help with football. Oscar asks if a coconut landed on his head. Oscar also asks what about not lying. Felix says to forget it because he has a chance to be on a fantasy football league with Nigel and Placido Domingo.

Oscar goes up to Charlotte who is talking to a table full of people and Oscar says “Excuse me. I paid $2,000 to spend the night with this woman.” Charlotte says “It’s not like that.” LOL! So Oscar asks Charlotte to dance. He says he is a terrible dancer. Charlotte explains how she needs a serious man and explains what she has been through with men. Oscar takes things too far and says he is looking for something serious too and asks if she could see herself married to someone like him. Whoops. He says “Did I just kind of propose to you?” Charlotte says yes and runs off.

Dani asks Teddy why he is bidding on her Beyonce tickets. He says his wife wants them. Dani says he can have them. Teddy’s wife then says to Dani that saves you from having to find a date. Talk about a burn. Ouch.

Felix is still talking to Nigel about football while using his smart phone for information on football. LOL! Oscar comes up to Felix and says “I need your help. Your plan backfired.” Felix says he is busy. Oscar says I am trying to talk about my feelings and all you want to do is talk about sports, sports, sports. LOL! Talk about a role reversal.

Dani, Teddy, and his wife are arguing about the Beyonce tickets. Then the women bond over the fact that Teddy wasn’t honest about Dani being a woman and Dani and Teddy’s wife end up going to the concert together. It is a funny scene.

Felix ends up being a page turner for Nigel as something happened to his regular page turner. Emily has argued with Felix about his insisting on complete honesty because he is lying about knowing about football just to spend time with Nigel. The name of the piece has something in it about what happens to deceivers and Felix starts losing it onstage. He drops the pages and slams the cover on Nigel’s hands. It’s hilarious.

Oscar goes to talk to Charlotte. She wants to put off talking until later. Oscar says will you please not marry me. He says they haven’t even had a real date yet. He wants a chance to date her and let her find out all the bad things about him. They start telling each other cute bad things about each other. I love it. Felix goes up to both of them and apologizes. Oscar always laughs at the word pianist. Charlotte starts laughing when Felix says pianist. She goes out leaving Oscar and Felix talking and Felix says I think you are going to have to marry that woman.

Oscar comes home after coffee with Charlotte and says it was great. They talked football and she laughs at the name Dick Butkus just like he does. Felix is eating popcorn and watching Beethoven’s Third. He said he went down a rabbit hole. Oscar sits down next to him to watch the movie with him and takes the popcorn.

It was a really cute episode. Sheryl Underwood is hilarious as Teddy’s wife. It was nice to see Oscar trying to develop a real relationship. If you didn’t watch it, you need to watch it on There will be another new episode of The Odd Couple Thursday night May 5 at 8:30pm EST.