Bates Motel (S04E07&08): “There’s No Place Like Home & Unfaithful”


In “There’s no Place like Home” we get to see a lot of the domestic side of Norma and Romero’s relationship, which is endearing. Seeing there relationship develop over the past couple episodes has be really interesting watch. I’ve enjoyed the route in which the writers have taken it, I was surprised by the confession at the end of this episode. We usually see Norma vulnerable but only when she’s around family specifically Dylan and Norman. So to see her open up like that to Romero was intriguing, his response even more so. 

Meanwhile, Norman is trying to get out of the medical facility, in the beginning he’s still unaware of the the relationship between Norma and Romero, which he later figures out and to say he doesn’t take it well is such a understatement. 

The aftermath of Emma’s mom coming to visit her at the hospital is finally revealed to Emma who doesn’t take it very well that both her dad and Dylan lied to her. With this is mind Dylan searches for answers of her whereabout which of course lead him back to Bates Motel. Turns out that Emma’s mum had a lot of debt that she skipped out on which is the story that he tells her, not knowing the true fate of her disappearance. 

In this weeks episode of Bates Motel, Norman has finally returned home although he will still make his scheduled appointments which lets face it aren’t helping. If anything I swear there making him more crazier, he’s more aware to everything which is what makes it more intense and the thrill of it is so intriguing. 

Also it apparently was christmas, wow how much time has passed in this, its hard to tell sometimes. Which makes it clear that Norman was gone for a really long time, and everyones relationships having been going on for long as well.

The scene I enjoyed the most had to be when Dylan was telling Emma he was sick of being dragged into his family’s mess and she never judged him, she accepted it and comforted him, it was sweet and endearing. 

So it’s weird to talk about as much as it was watching it, but that whole scene where Norman is watching Norma and Romero took it to a whole other level of Bates Motel crazy, I just wish someone had noticed it.

The highlight of this episode has to be that Dinner scene between Norma, Norman and Romero. Talk about confrontational and intense, also when Norma was talking about her relationship with Romero to Norma, it was as if she was trying to convince herself more than him.

So this season has been going really well, and with everything wrapping up and next season as it’s last I’m curious to see where it all goes