Faking It: (S03E08) ‘Untitled’

My guess is that they have run out of ideas to name an episode 😂

This episode had a special connection with the real life events. The whole part of people wanting to label you or forcing you to leave yourself was touched. 

Another sad truth and reality is that as time is passing people are taking all of the negatives of whatever you say. A very good example is if you try to say a joke infront of a crowd and see their reaction. This could be a social experiment and you could also try it on 9gag. 

The principal decided to cancel Christmas because it could offend others as she might be favouring the Christians. That is what exactly is happening today, but what people should do is try to get to know each other more during Christmas or even Eid as an example. Deciding to split of from each other is the opposite of what we should all be doing.

These holidays are a way to get to know each other and respect our different opinion. And that was shown when Lauren decided to light the Hanukkah symbol even though Liam found out he isn’t Jewish. Of course she has her moments and didn’t want to burn her ‘apartment’ 😂

Moreover they also mentioned to not to judge people for their choices, this is an issue that has been on the rise with many LGBT now people tend to forget thei have feelings and they feel like outsiders at times for being different. It’s your responsibility to treat everyone equally and not hurt anyone’s feelings. 

Great episode in my opinion, with the plot now advancing to Amy and her new friend getting close while Karma is trying to break them apart using Felix. But since it’s holiday I expect to see something happen between Karma & Felix as well as Liam & Lauren.