Grandfathered: (S01E21) “The Memorial”


Jimmy’s father Jack has died of a heart attack. Sara, his girlfriend Catherine, Gerald, and his employees sit together wondering if he will be OK. His girlfriend asks if there is a funeral. Jimmy says there will be no funeral. They were a small family. Jimmy starts talking about Cinco de Mayo. Sara looks really worried about him. Annelise says Jimmy is not emotionally mature. Jimmy says they need a fish tank. Jimmy is totally avoiding the issue.

Gerald is putting Vanessa’s ring in Jimmy’s safe. Ravi catches him. Gerald says he is going to propose. Ravi asks when. Gerald says he might wait a couple weeks out of respect for Jimmy’s dad’s death. Ravi says he can’t keep this secret for two weeks. Jimmy comes into his office saying he was up baking all night long. He asks if he has flour on his face. Ravi and Gerald say no but he does have a huge spot of flour on his face.

Gerald comes home and tells his mom they need to talk about Jimmy. Jimmy is talking about going blonde and sends a picture to Sara who shows it to Gerald and Gerald says he looks like Glenn Close. LOL!

Sara’s boyfriend Craig comes over and is complaining about the long drive from Santa Monica. Sara says screw you, I just made the drive the other day. Her boyfriend says they should move in together. Sara says isn’t it a little soon? He says take time and think about it. Sara agrees.

Jimmy gets home and everyone is in his apartment. He asks “How did everyone get in my apartment?” Everyone, including Edie, holds up a key. Jimmy says “An emotional intervention? Come on, who’s idea was this?” So Jimmy tries guessing who. He narrows it down to Gerald and Sara. They want to throw a memorial for Jimmy’s father at the restaurant. Sara says all Jimmy has to do is say a few words. The others will take care of everything.

Sara tells Vanessa that Craig asked her to move in with him. Vanessa says Sara should lock this in. Vanessa shares a plan of using fors and againsts or pros and cons using red and green pony tail holders. Sarah lists things off. Vanessa keeps track. Vanessa says that someone else is probably holding Sara back.

Jimmy is at the restaurant trying to prepare a eulogy for his father. He says it’s stupid. Jimmy says he needs Annelise and Ravi to get the list of Jimmyisms. He thought Annelise was compiling the list but she isn’t. She runs into the kitchen and tells everyone they have to remember his Jimmyisms.

Gerald comes up with a list of Jimmy’s closest friends and starts calling them along with Sara. The calls don’t go well. No one wants to come and they each have their own reasons for not liking Jimmy’s dad Jack.

One of Jimmy’s employees comes over with the contents of Jimmy’s father’s safety deposit box. The first thing he takes out is a transistor radio that they listened together when Jimmy was a kid.

Gerald and Sara are thinking about canceling the memorial because no one will come. Just then Jimmy comes in and thanks them for wanting to throw the memorial.

The day of the memorial, several people show up but Sara had to bribe them into coming. Ravi is freaking out about keeping the secret of the ring from Vanessa. Sara says she will pull the fire alarm and everyone will go home after Jimmy gives the eulogy. LOL!  Jimmy says he hasn’t written it yet so Annelise is in the kitchen with the staff still trying to compile Jimmyisms. One of Jimmy’s employees follows Kylie Jenner’s tweets and says those are perfect for Jimmy. They print a list and give it to Jimmy. Jimmy says those don’t sound right. Sara tells him to be honest and just talk about what he is feeling. Sara tells him to be real and vulnerable. Catherine brings him a plate of food and asks if there is anything she can do. He asks her if she can write a speech.

Sara’s boyfriend Craig asks Sara if she will move in with him as he has been waiting 36 hours. Sara says yes. Jimmy finds out that the guests are not people who were close to his father. Now he is mad at Sara and Gerald and tells them to stay out of his business. Not good.

Jimmy is talking to Annelise saying he is mad at Sara and Gerald for forcing him to hold a memorial for his father when none of the guests really knew his dad. Then Annelise tells him how hard Sara and Gerald worked yesterday to try to get people to come. Annelise always tells it the way it is. Go Annelise!

Gerald is talking to Ravi about keeping the proposal a secret. He bribes him with keeping the secret a while longer by telling Ravi he can be the secret best man.

Jimmy comes out of the kitchen to the restaurant to say a few words about his father Jack Martino. He talks about how every day is a gift but life doesn’t have a return policy. He puts aside his notes and starts talking about how he used to listen to the radio with his father. They mostly listened to baseball games. Jimmy didn’t understand baseball but Jack loved it. He said it was the only thing he could do with his father where he didn’t have to talk to his father. He says his father wasn’t a great guy. He was selfish and rude but he wishes he was still alive today because Jack never got to meet his family. He says Jack didn’t like too much but he would have liked his family and said they are too good for you and Jimmy says Jack would have been right. His family is too good for him. John Stamos does a great job of showing his emotions in this scene. Jimmy says his one regret is that Jack never got to meet his family. Jimmy goes back to his office and Sara walks in and gives him a big kiss!!!! Catherine, Gerald, Ravi, and Annelise walk in and Sara and Jimmy separate. Gerald asks Jimmy if he feels better. Jimmy doesn’t get a chance to answer. The episode ends with a confused look on Jimmy’s face as he tries to figure out what to say.  

This was a fantastic episode. I can’t wait to see what happens in the season finale next week.