The Detour: (S01E05) ‘The B & B’

After the children get food poisoning, the doctor invites them to their homes. 

Like any couple married for a long time, the honesty increases and well comments of being shabby or fat just become normal. Before you test out the theory, it’s only for guys. No matter how many years you are married never say anything wrong to a woman 😂

Nate meets a Russian who he gets flattered with and he gets noticed. His wife began to notice it to a point she tried to dress to impress to only be told that she didn’t have to. 

But what was the funniest part was when he walked on his son who was in the room where the doctor most likely spies on anyone who lives in his house. Him being new to this thought that he would be touching a girl he is in deep ‘love’ by simply touching the screen and he wanted to massage her so he put on some cream. Well after dozens of tissue paper and some cream on the TV the image wasn’t what anyone would think. 

But adding some creepiness the young girl is the one the old man is with…