The Flash (S02E20) “Rupture”

Holy Moly! This episode man was amazing and creative like how I was hoping for the particle accelerator explosion redo to be like.

So in this episode Dr. Wells wants so badly to recreate the particle accelerator explosion, but its not just his decision. Its also the decision of Barry wither or not he wants this to happen. But when Cisco vibes about his brother Dante, he choses to connect with his brother only to find out that his brothers evil double ganger has come to their Earth. Only that Zoom has lied to evil Dante aka Rupture, because Vibe/Cisco never killed Reverb/Evil Cisco, it was Zoom that killed him but Rupture doesn’t know that so Rupture is now working for Zoom (don’t mean to make your brain hurt). When Zoom makes his move to take control of all of Central City on Earth-1, Zoom zooms to the police department to make them scared but to also put down his way of ruling. When the police agree, Zoom wants to kill them all but thanks to Caitlin, Zoom chose to back down and not kill them all, only to go against his word and have Rupture kill all the police force down in Jitters coffee shop.But thanks to Caitlin using her smart brain, she warned the police by sending a text message to Star Labs. When Zoom then plans to do the job on his own after Rupture fails, Barry makes up his mind to have the particle accelerator explosion redo happen. When the experiment finally happens, everything seems to be going well until Barry starts to slowly melt and disintegrate him to nothing, leaving only the burnt chest piece of the suit. And now Wally and Jesse are possibly infected by the particle accelerator explosion.

Honestly, with that ending I know that Barry can’t be dead because if Barry was dead then there would be no Season 3 or future seasons, the show is called the Flash not Kid Flash which if Wally is infected and becomes a speedster thats who he will become, but time will tell. But with the promo of next weeks episode we know that Barry is alive sorta in another dimension or world or something I guess we will get more details next week.Until then Speedster Readers, have a great day!

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