Arrow: (S04E20) “Genesis”

Review: This episode actually passed by a little quicker than the rest. Where do I start? We’ve finally gotten the ultimate match between the Diggle brothers. We knew it had to happen. Andy kind of kidnapped Diggle, at what he broke out – only to realize that all of it has been just a game. Andy put a tracker on John in order to get informations about where is the rest of his family staying. By the end, we know Damien took a device from Lyla that is called Rubicon.

Damien is still as annoying as he was in the start. Once again we see he cannot fight or be a proper villain without his little magic. It seems as if there might exist a way for Oliver to undo Darhk’s “black magic”, which means Darhk might be out of our hair soon. Although … He is planning on releasing some kind of Genesis that might erase/rebuild the entire world with the help of Rubicon. The Arrow team now definitely has to work quickly.

On that thought, we meet Esrin Fortuna, a friend of Constantine. She is able to draw the good magic into Oliver. There’s one thing I loved about the first season of Arrow the most: refreshing and new villains all throughout the entire season. I’ve been missing that kind of action in this season. We are watching the same characters over and over again – they don’t grow or upgrade much at all. I think that is the problem of this season. That is why I was excited to see Fortuna!

While she might not be a villain, she was definitely new and refreshing. It took our minds off from the never-ending characters we see every episode. She was awesome!

The action was good. Like I’ve said – we’ve seen the Diggle brothers fight and having Lyla and baby Sara appear was awesome! Lyla and John are a terrific pair, I love them. I love how both of them are fearless soldiers. Man, they can fight! And Lyla is badass.

It was sad John had to kill Andy, but he threatened his family and he wasn’t a proper brother to him.

Also, before I forget … Thank GOD we didn’t have to suffer through the throwbacks this episode. They have simply been boring.

The episode ends by Thea being trapped in some kind of a new world, designed by Damien. It looks like a transparent dome? That is weird. I have to give some credits to the writers, as they have never done something like this before … But it’s definitely weird and seems a bit off tracks.

Let’s see what happens next, though.