Chicago PD (S3E20): “In a Duffel Bag”



After a long hiatus, Chicago PD was back with a bittersweet episode last night. Bitter in the sense that “In a Duffel Bag” focused on a baby left severely cold in a bag weighed down with rocks. It was pretty sweet because the child defeated all odds and survived, and will likely be placed with her birth mother. It was one of the most complex cases yet because there was so much unknown, even as it developed. 

I enjoyed having one case this week, it was easy to follow and still interesting. It certainly wasn’t an overly dramatic episode, but it had many touching moments, including Hank and Erin’s scene. 

For any of you Broman (Roman and Burgess) fans, things certainly heat up in the final seconds of the episode. If you don’t know what I’m taking about, head over to NBC right now and watch for yourself. 

Was “In a Duffel Bag” the series’ best episode? Far from it. However, it was a great way to start off the second half of Season 3. It had passion, twists, and a unique crime.