Containment: (S01E03) ‘Be Angry At The Sun’ 

Leon the journalist continues to make their job worse, and the major was told to shut him out. Failing to convince him to do stop publishing the inside the area caused a wide panic. 

He released the image of the fire escape in one area, this led to huge morality questions. One of the cops shot the man who tried to escape because he wanted to make sure the virus doesn’t get out where his family is. 

Throughout the whole episode we see guilt go through as in Katie who wasn’t able to stay with Thomas as he ran to the stairs to get to the bathroom but instead he got in contact with one of the infected, we also saw violence with the father of Thomas bringing a gun to take his son and the other guy who went with a gun to the store. 

But what exactly is going on? With the bio-terrorism theory still in tact and Syria rejecting all of the claims that they released it. Muslims seems to be suffering the same fate they do in real life which is pay for the sins of those who claim to be Muslims but are tarnishing their religion’s name.

From bodies being burnt and now a way to get in and out. What actually I still don’t get is the role of the girl who is pregnant. She isn’t going to die as she has had a lot of on screen time.