Fresh Off The Boat (S02E21) “Rent Day”

Review: Jessica convinces Honey that they should rent out the house they’ve been working on in the past months, instead of sell it. Jessica finds the perfect renters, but after collecting the first check, the bank calls to inform that it bounced. Jessica then finds out that the renters aren’t really that perfect because they have no money, but she doesn’t want to tell Honey and Grandma Huang. Instead she tries to motivate the couple to change their lives and actually make money. They continue to take advantage of Jessica, but she can’t kick them out because they have just discovered that they have rights. In the end Jessica finally does come clean with Honey and tells her that she couldn’t accept that she had failed, especially because it was not just her own money, but also Honey’s. Luckily Honey fully supports her friend and tells Jessica that it’s okay to fail every once in a while.

Meanwhile, Eddie asks Louis if he can get an Ironman watch, but he needs to prove that he can be responsible, so Louis challenges Eddie to take care of his watch for a week. When Louis sees that Eddie carelessly put the watch on his bed (while in fact he just took it off to shower), he takes it, just to teach him a lesson. When Eddie realizes the watch is missing, he calls in the help of the Huang Boys, a little business Evan and Emery set up to find stuff around the house. Later Louis desperately needs the Huang Boys as well when he realizes that he has lost the watch he took from Eddie. Trying to cover up what he did, Louis buys a new one and gets it to Eddie (without him knowing), and when Eddie shows Louis that he has completed the challenge, the Huang Boys come in with the found watch. Louis confesses what he has done, and when Grandma Huang comes in with a third watch everybody is confused. As it turns out, Evan and Emery bought a watch as well to keep their case record at 100% and Grandma stole the watch from her son to teach him a lesson.

This was a sweet episode, especially the storyline with the squatters vs. Jessica. I love how passionate Jessica can be about her job, and I love her friendship with Honey. They have really developed it well in this season and I think Constance Wu and Chelsea Crisp have a nice chemistry on screen. The other storyline was fun as well, but did rely a bit on old sitcom tropes. However, the ending was still unexpected when Grandma Huang turned out to be the one who stole the watch. All in all, another good episode of Fresh Off The Boat!

Rating: 8.5/10