Gotham: (S02E19) ‘Azrael’

Dr. Hugo has been showing off his new projects in every episode. We have seen some results with Penguin who is going to mostly be back now that his latest project Gallavan aka Azrael is back. 

With the main plot in the rest of the season all surrounding Arkham & Dr. Hugo directly or indirectly. 

Jim pays a visit to Hugo and his theory gets confirmed when Hugo gives away some ‘tells’ but because they have nothing on them, no cop can arrest Hugo. 

Having a working theory but no badge, he got the attention of his former boss because of Harvey his best buddy and while having a conversation a revived Gallavan shows up suit up with armor better than a Kevlar. Previously being unstable Hugo used his beliefs that ran down in his ancestors to give him an identity. 

Galavan very well might have killed the captain bringing in a potential job opportunity for Jim. 

Meanwhile Nigma used his skills to discover where all of his friends that have passed through the hall are going. The trick is to use Ammonia and UV light to see fingerprints. 

And Barbara is back to being mad, from flipping channels like a baby pressing the next channe button, to wanting to make some alcohol but with this butchery knife. 

All in all, this is just beginning to cement in place. With all the villains out in the open the only thing to expect now is their downfalls little by little.