New Girl (S05E19): “Dress”


Review: When Cece grows impatient over her hideous wedding dress that Jess said she’d fix, Jess promises Cece that she’ll have it ready for Cece to wear by the next night. What she neglects to tell Cece, however, is that finishing the dress might be a problem for Jess, as she hasn’t even started adjusting it yet! Very unlike Jess, she’s been procrastinating a whole lot, simply because she can’t figure out how to make the dress perfect for Cece. 

Schmidt is quick to catch on to the fact that Jess still has a lot of work to do and he realizes that she won’t be able to with Cece hovering around at the loft. So he takes her to the men’s bathroom at his job. Being the only guy in the building (except for some guy who he bribes to “do his business” across the street), he has the men’s bathroom all to himself. 

Jess gets to it, but it doesn’t take long for Schmidt’s boss to catch Jess outside of the men’s bathroom on one of her “idea walks”, needed for inspiration. Schmidt, who can’t afford a single additional mistake at work or else he’ll get fired – as he’s been spending all his time at work wedding planning instead of getting actual work done – quickly makes up a lie about Jess being the new temp. This leads to Jess having to actually work as a temp and more or less Schmidt’s boss’s personal assistant and babysitter of her three kids, who need to be picked up from school. Somehow, it becomes a whole, screaming mess and it ends with Schmidt getting fired and Jess not being any closer to finishing Cece’s dress. 

But, being Jess, she just can`t leave it alone. She marches back into the office and gets Schmidt his job back by making sure Schmidt`s boss`s kids can get accepted to her new school. When Jess rushes home to the loft to tell Schmidt this, Schmidt returns the favor by covering for Jess in front of Cece and giving Jess a little more time. Which is just what Jess ends up needing, because just as she’s given up on making Cece the perfect dress for her perfect wedding, she figures out that turning the dress inside out might be the first step towards fixing it! 

Meanwhile, Winston and Aly are all couple-y and cute and Winston is singing her songs and they’re very very happy to have found each other, but at work they still have to play it cool. Not knowing how to act around each other, Aly takes it too far by making fun of him at work, which then leads to Winston pranking her and it’s a mess and then they make out but get caught by their “nicest” fellow cop. Who turns out not to be all that nice, because he tries to blackmail them in exchange for five thousand dollars! They don’t even consider it – they’re cops, after all, blackmailing is not something they should be going along with – and Aly just says, screw it, and outs them to the whole precinct! All’s well with the world. Except that it’s not because now Winston and Aly can’t be partners anymore!

Finally, Nick is dying to ask Reagan to Schmidt and Cece’s wedding, but when he texts her, he gets no response. Being Nick, he goes a little nuts and starts texting Reagan on burner phones, when he learns that she’s much more likely to text him back when he’s pretending to be someone else! Eventually, Cece convinces him to tell Reagan the truth and ask her to the wedding and when he does, he finally gets a response. Though she’d love to go with him to the wedding, she can’t because of work. Poor Nick.  Why do I have the feeling that Reagan will show up anyway?