The Big Bang Theory (S09E22) “The Fermentation Bifurcation”

Review: Penny has won a wine tasting at work and invites the group to go with her. Sheldon doesn’t want to go and Bernadette stays home as well because she can’t drink, meaning that she and Sheldon will spend the evening together. This is something that has never really happened, and Bernadette is very hesitant at first about spending an evening alone with Sheldon.

Another pairing that we don’t see very often is what illustrates the first scene at the wine tasting, where Amy and Howard are waiting for the others to arrive. This scene is very awkward (and could’ve been less awkward if the characters (or writers) had remembered their mutual love for Neil Diamond), but lucky for them the rest of the group arrives before they really run out of things to talk about. Raj brings Claire (and yes, he is also still seeing Emily) to meet his friends for the first time, but asks them not to ask too many questions about their relationship status.

Things get complicated later at night, when Zack, Penny’s old boyfriend, shows up. He questions the guys’ guidance system and wonders if it could also be used for weapons, which gets Howard and Leonard to thinking about the consequences of the outcome of their project. But they decide not to worry about it too much. Zack also makes it difficult for Raj, when he starts asking questions about his relationship with Claire, but eventually Raj is the one who accidentally tells Emily that he’s also seeing other people.

Back to the Fetus Friendly Festival of Fun. Sheldon has a whole night planned and he and Bernadette spend some quality time together. Especially when they play Dungeons and Dragons because Sheldon makes Bernadette feel ‘Bernatrix the Warrior Queen’ instead of ‘Pregnant Bernadette’.

I did enjoy this episode a little more than last week’s, but it’s still not as great as most episode this season have been. I loved the pairing of Bernadette and Sheldon together, we don’t see that very often and I think it played out well. The other plotline also had some fun moments and great lines, but since Raj’s love triangle is still happening, it’s hard to fully enjoy it. In other news, I want to meet Frank and Alicia.

Rating: 8/10

Scenes from the episode The Scavenger Vortex (S07E03)