Empire (S02E15&16): “More Than Kin” & “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf”



Last time on Empire Lucious was organising a fundraiser as part of a campaign to prove he should return as the company’s CEO. Which turned out really good in the end for him, since the board ending up voting Hakeem out.

In More than Kin, the drama between Lucious and Jamal, ASA nominations is heating up, and the attention is coming with it. Even with Hakeem out as CEO though, it doesn’t change Lucious chance though, in tonights episode, he’s battling with the board who’s looking for an outside party to run Empire. Which in the end goes both his way and Cookie’s as there asked to co-run Empire.

Hakeem finally let Laura know that he got Anika pregnant, and I have to say I love her reaction, Hakeem needs a wake up call. It’s only been 2 seasons and he’s had so many relationships, also the proposal to Laura was so rushed. They haven’t even been together so long, he clearly hasn’t thought about what it means to be married, if he can’t be in a long time relationship. But even in saying that Hakeem has stepped up, we known him to have excellent if not only the best character development on the show and it shows in the way he’s stepping up.

When the brothers all hang out together, thats one of my favourite parts of the show, I’d really like to see more of this dynamic with all 3 of them as opposed to just 2 of them. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see Jamal’s ex turn up, but I’m glad he did, there was some really nice closure on that, which was nice since that doesn’t really happen on shows.

Lastly the other mentionable scene had to be Cookie and Anika, I’ve wanted them to put aside there differences and see eye to eye on something. It’s nice to see that this child can do that for them, it was such an emotional and endearing scene that was performed beautifully. 

Tonights episode of Empire was probably one of the seasons bests episodes, and the music was on fire. Especially the final song with the Lyon family was absolutely stunning. They’ve really stepped up in the music department of Empire the range and genre mixing together its great.

The opening scene was just awesome, seeing that Andre learnt about the dark secret that Lucious mother is still alive, and that Andre has been spending tim with her, I only want to know more.

Okay so last week Hakeem’s relationships was on the rocks, and after tonights episode, things don’t look good, they never do. But after doing that duet with Tiana it definitely brought up some obvious feelings. Whereas Jamal has a new guy in his life, and I did see that coming, but giving the dynamic of the relationship I’m curious as to where this will go giving that the other guy is persistent and knows what he wants and really draws the line. It throws Jamal off which is something we haven’t seen happen.

When Andre reveals to Lucious that his mother is still alive, it was intense. Then that final scene with Lucious and his mother I’m at a loss with words I have no idea what to make of it, to say that there both damaged, isn’t enough.

Finally Rhonda, put the pieces together, and with her memories coming back she figured out that she did in fact get pushed down the stairs and it was Anika. That realisation and just her face in that scene was perfect, honestly I can’t wait to see what action she takes.

With only two more episodes to go I can’t wait to see where it all goes.