The Catch (S01E07): “The Ringer”



Tonights case involves a missing child with parents undergoing a divorce after just had gone through a custody battle. If thats not drama enough for you,  the writers take it to another level, when it turns out that the father has his wife deemed unfit to win full custody. This whole scene with Alice and Valerie confront their client, that was intense but the way in which they handled it was so entertaining to watch. 

The simplicity in the opening scene between Alice and Ben was really nice until reality set in and it  got serious, that juxtaposition on their relationship in that scene alone was great. Then again when the episode ends and Alice’s thanks him, but draws the line “Pick a side”. Seeing them come together only to be pulled apart and judging the look on his face this is a tough decision, I have my own thoughts on where its going but I can’t wait to see where the writings take it.

On the other hand we learnt a little bit more about Sophie, who I just love. Turns out that she didn’t have a home growing up and that she and Valerie both take medication for Anxiety. While it makes sense for Valerie with what she’s dealing with, Sophie I’m curious about and I’d love a back story on her character, colour me intrigued. 

Turns out Margot and Rhys sibling relationship is way more complex then just normal brother and sister feuding. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I need a backstory on these two also. So Margot is manipulative for sure and is full of schemes which is why I wasn’t surprised by that ending. But the dynamic between these two characters is gonna be so great to watch, since Alice is gonna be in the vulnerable position, which she’s anything but.

I really loved this episode, I honestly look forward to this show, its brilliant. Its light not too intense, but it doesn’t lack in drama it makes up for it with action, in the writing and the acting the perfect way to end TGIT. Until next weeks episode.