The Odd Couple: (S02E06) “An Oscar Named Desire”


The Odd Couple opens with Oscar asking Dani for his keys and wallet. She tells him where they are. He asks if he looks ruggedly handsome as that is what he was going for. Then Oscar says he hopes to have sex with Charlotte tonight. Dani does not want to hear anything about it but Oscar ignores her protests.

Emily has custody of her dog Biscuit for a week while her ex-husband is away. Biscuit growls at Felix. Felix says maybe he needs to warm up to strangers. Meanwhile Oscar is holding Biscuit. Felix says I hope he has all his shots. Oscar says I do. LOL!

Oscar and Charlotte are talking about having to pick out their own lobsters for dinner. Oscar asks if Charlotte’s son is home. She says no. Oscar takes off Charlotte’s coat and starts kissing her neck. Charlotte asks if he wants a drink. Oscar said he was hoping to skip right to dessert. Charlotte says give me a minute. Oscar says I’ve got all night. Charlotte comes in with a chocolate dessert of some kind. Oscar takes a couple bites and goes back to kissing Charlotte’s neck and then kisses Charlotte on the lips. Charlotte seems to get a little nervous and says “Well it’s time to call it a night. I have an emergency symphony meeting in the morning.” She kisses him on the cheek and sends him on his way. Meanwhile his shoes are still in Charlotte’s apartment and Oscar says at least his shoes will see her naked.

The next morning Oscar comes into his kitchen and Felix is cooking food for Biscuit. Felix tells Oscar that it is possible Charlotte wants to take things slow. Felix says you have a chance to build something real with someone you care about. Felix says to establish a real emotional connection with her. Felix says he and Emily waited a year to consummate their relationship and now they are solid as a rock.

Charlotte runs into Dani at the mailboxes. Dani asks how it’s going. Charlotte asks if Oscar has said anything about her. Charlotte tells Dani she hasn’t been with a man since her divorce. She says she is not sure she is ready for sex. Dani keeps listing off people Charlotte could be talking to instead of her. LOL! Charlotte is afraid that Oscar will expect her to have a twenty year old body. Dani says Oscar says inappropriate things about you all the time meaning that Oscar appreciates Charlotte’s body as it is. Charlotte says tonight is the night. Dani says let’s never talk of this again.

Felix brings in dinner for the dog to Emily’s apartment. Biscuit likes it. Emily’s ex-husband Brandon calls. Emily says yes I have read him all the emails you sent. LOL! Some people are a little too attached to their pets. Emily comes back and says Brandon has a permanent job in Somalia now so she gets to keep Biscuit. She is so excited. She has to work a double shift the next day and asks Felix if he can watch Biscuit. Felix says yes.

The next day at Felix’s apartment Biscuit is on the couch and Felix is hiding in the window. It is hilarious. Teddy comes in and the dog gives Teddy kisses. Felix admits he is terrified of dogs. He hasn’t told Emily. Felix says he is afraid of a barking mop referring to Biscuit’s size and appearance which is ironic since he likes mops. Teddy tries to give Felix examples of how to show Biscuit he is boss. It doesn’t help.

Oscar goes over to Charlotte’s apartment. The only thing he can say when he sees Charlotte in her sexy dress is sex. Charlotte says she canceled the dinner reservation. Oscar says are we playing board games like connect four? She says how about connect two. Oscar is now trying to get away from having sex but she wants to have sex.

Felix is telling Biscuit he is a bully and should never have been born. Emily comes in, hears this, and takes the dog and leaves.

Now Charlotte is trying to figure out why Oscar is acting so weird. He says he thinks they should wait. Charlotte says well I don’t. They start kissing. Oscar says he doesn’t remember why now. She keeps kissing him and he says “Take me.” LOL! Then for some reason when Oscar looks at Charlotte, he sees Felix’s face.

The next morning Oscar tells Felix that he was in his head telling him not to have sex so Oscar just ran away from Charlotte. So what, they didn’t have sex?

Teddy brings in a basketful of puppies and asks Felix if he is ready. Felix says it’s worse than he thought. Felix lies down in a kiddie pool and says release the hounds. Teddy dumps the puppies on Felix. He says they are fluffy but he wants to get out. Oscar says you should see yourself. You look ridiculous. Felix says at least he is facing his fears but Oscar isn’t. Emily comes in and sees Felix in the kiddie pool with the puppies. Felix admits he is afraid of dogs, even those little monsters. Emily says Felix is brave for having a fear and trying to conquer it and doing it for her. Emily asks if she can join him. Felix says “Please. Plenty of room to go around in here.”

Oscar comes to talk to Charlotte who is in sweats. Oscar says you must think I am crazy because I was kissing you and then ran away. Charlotte and Oscar have a good talk about becoming emotionally connected before having sex. Then they kiss.

The next morning Oscar walks into the apartment and Felix says are you doing the walk of shame. Oscar says they talked, they kissed, and then you know. Dani then lists off a bunch of different slang terms for sex. Oscar says that’s really inappropriate. Emily comes over with the dog to go for a walk. She tells Felix to bring the plastic bag. Felix says OK, closes the door and sits back down on the couch. Does that mean he is giving up on making friends with the dog? That was the end.

This was a really funny episode. If you missed it I recommend watching it on The Odd Couple is on twice a week now so the next episode is Monday, May 9. The cast is truly talented. Thomas Lennon as Felix is brilliant with physical comedy. Matthew Perry as Oscar is hilarious with his facial expressions and tone of voice. Yvette Nicole Brown as Dani is suffering not so silently and soldiers on as Oscar’s employee. Lindsay Sloane is adorable as Emily. Wendell Pierce plays Teddy straight which is funny. The show is definitely worth watching.