Black-ish (S02E22): “Super Rich Kids”


Review: When Junior gets some really cool (and rich) friends, Dre finally sees an aspect of himself in his oldest son.There’s hope for him yet! With Junior having an opportunity for a social life “that doesn’t involve action figures or wizards”, Dre tries everything he can to be a cool dad and encourage him. 

But, in this context, Dre just doesn’t measure up. He’s not friends with POTUS like Junior’s friend’s dad, he only owns one house and he doesn’t “keep minorities as pets”. Or maybe that last one is just something Charlie saw in a Richard Pryor movie. And because he doesn’t measure up, he gets worried about the kind of people Junior might be hanging out with. 

When Junior gets invited to a sleepover, Dre drives him to his friend’s house, where he’s introduced to the friend’s dad. And their huge mansion, right next to Steven Spielberg’s. Although dressed to impress, Dre can’t live up to Junior’s friend’s dad, their living situation and the opportunities provided for Junior’s friend that Dre can’t give Junior. And it literally turns to crap when Dre ends up doing his business in a room that’s not actually meant for doing such business… When he realizes it, he takes Junior home immediately.

Back home, Bow can’t help but laugh at Dre’s mistake. Dre admits that he doesn’t want Junior to be embarrassed of him of where he’s from. But Bow assures him that he has nothing to be ashamed of. He has a heart to heart with Junior, who assures him that he’s very happy with Dre as his dad.

This week’s other plot involves Bow, the other Johnson kids and Ruby. Whenever something around the house breaks, Ruby and the kids all refuse to confess who did it and Bow is left having to figure it out by herself. And it doesn’t help that Vivian, their nanny, keeps giving her judgmental looks about it. The latest mysterious breaking is that of a glass in the kitchen and soon, the kids and Ruby all plead the fifth. 

Bow decides to ground the kids until someone confesses and while the the three of them plus Ruby decide that no one’s going to cave in, the girls and Ruby end up throwing Jack to the wolves! Poor little Jack is left to his own devices, but – being the secret mastermind that he is – he comes up with a foolproof plan to trick Zoey and Diane into doing the housework he’s been assigned to do, i.e. carrying heavy trash bags filled with fish guts.

And just when “poor” little Jack thinks this has worked out perfectly, Bow reveals to Vivian that she figured out Jack’s plan ages ago, which started with him indeed breaking the glass in the first place and painting himself als sympathetic. And for Bow, the best thing to do is to pick her battles and not investigate cold case around the house. But then Bow and Vivian catch Jack red handed after he breaks a vase and there’s no one else around who could have done it. Vivian thinks this is very side eye worthy.