Blue Bloods: (S06E22) “Blowback”


Tonight’s episode of Blue Bloods is the season finale. The episode opens with Eddie and Jaime talking to another cop about a situation. They chase after some people they feel look suspicious. They look fine to me. It is a foot race with Jamie and Eddie and the other police officer chasing down the people. Jamie gets a bunch of gold jewelry off one guy and says it looks like you are going to jail. Just then Jamie hears a gunshot and runs to the other cop. He shot the other suspect. He wouldn’t show his hands. The police officer says I had no choice. Jamie says don’t say anything else OK. Remember Jamie went to law school before he decided to be a police officer.

Frank and Mayor Poole are watching the police officer’s body cam video footage of the shooting. The police officer named Eric Russell keeps telling the kid to put the knife down but he doesn’t so the police officer shoots him. He had stolen merchandise on him. The kid was only 17. Frank tells Mayor Poole that the suspect refused to throw down the weapon even though he had his hands in the air. The mayor is saying the officer didn’t have to shoot him. Mayor Poole calls it an execution. Just an FYI, the police officer is black and the suspect is white. Frank defends the police officer saying he was acting as he was trained. Then the mayor says he won’t use the word execution. The mayor says the video shows what happened. He says the police offer shot prematurely. Frank says don’t you condemn my officer for doing his job. The mayor asks if that is an order and Frank doesn’t answer. This show is giving me a heart attack in the first five minutes! Honestly.

Now Erin and someone else are watching the video. Erin says the video clearly contradicts eye witness accounts. The police officer gave the suspect several warnings. It is true. I saw it. Erin says the suspect kept advancing on the officer. Erin’s assistant district attorney, (or ADA) Marta Avila, asks if the officer is going to be charged. Erin says that will be up to the grand jury.

Jamie and Eddie are talking saying things are getting really bad out there. The police officer Eric who shot the kid is feeling very bad. Jamie and Eddie talk to a police officer and tell him that they didn’t see the shooting. The other officer says he needed you to have his back. Jamie says we did. However, I can see the other officer’s point as Eddie, Jamie, and Eric were each running after different suspects.

Erin is talking to Eric in the grand jury. Eric says he feared for the bystanders as well as his own personal safety. He tells the grand jury he did his job as he was trained to do it. He says the last thing he ever wanted to do was shoot that kid. Eric looks terrible. I feel bad for him. I could never be a police officer and shoot someone. Frank gets a phone call saying the grand jury declined to indict Officer Eric Russell.

Frank is talking to Sid and they know it can get hot out here. Garrett comes in and says someone leaked the body cam and it went viral in 20 minutes. Mayor Poole is on TV saying the police officer was not indicted in this shooting. The mayor orders a full investigation on this matter immediately. Garrett asks Frank what he is going to do. Frank says what I am paid to do, my job.

Jamie and Eddie are talking about what it might do having the video out there. Eddie is hoping it shows the police officer was justified. Jamie is on the radio with some police officers. One on the radio says officer down. Jamie and Eddie go to the two officers. The police officer is cradling his shot partner. The crowd is not cooperating. Jamie is yelling at the crowd, did anyone see the shooter? Did anyone see which way he went? No one is answering. The people have turned on the police. Talk about art imitating life.

Frank is at the hospital with Garrett saying to have someone guard the shot police officer’s family. Frank says the officer had an operation to remove a bullet near his spine. Frank says the shot officer and his partner were targeted because they were police officers. Frank again defends Officer Eric Russell. The reporters ask if they know who leaked the video and Frank says he doesn’t know. He does say the mayor called for a full investigation insinuating the mayor leaked it. Frank says he is going to do his own investigation into who leaked the video.

Frank and Eddie go in to talk to the shot officer. He says he was best friends with Eric. He says now it is us against them.

Erin is talking to her ADA who says she can’t believe someone shot a police officer. This assistant is still pushing to have Eric indicted. She says people are saying the dead suspect didn’t understand English enough to understand the police officer. Erin says you can’t indict based on public opinion. There is something fishy about this ADA. She is pushing so hard to indict Officer Russell.

In the next scene Frank, Eddie, Danny, & Baez are together investigating last night’s shooting of the police officer. Danny says what he thinks happened. The area has been cordoned off and the police officer’s cars are still there. The owner of a newsstand in the cordoned off area says he doesn’t see anything. He doesn’t want to get involved. Danny figures out the newsstand owner’s daughter was working but she doesn’t say anything.

Frank is talking to Jamie. Erin comes in. Jamie leaves and says see you both on Sunday. Erin says to Frank I really shouldn’t be here. Frank says you are my daughter and you came up the back way so no one is the wiser. Frank says I think the mayor is behind the leak. Erin says Frank would take a big risk announcing that. Erin says to what end would the mayor leak the video. Frank says to marginalize his police department. Erin says that is a serious charge. Frank wants Erin to monitor the situation and report back to him. Erin says that is a no. Frank says I want you to find the truth. Erin still says no and asks Frank to respect that. Now this situation is dividing the Reagan family.

Danny and Baez meet two police officers where they think the shooting suspect might be. A foot chase ensues with the suspect running away. Danny gets behind the suspect and tells him to put his hands on the back of his head. Danny has his gun out and has to yell this a few times before the suspect does that. The suspect says my hands are up and you have no witnesses, go ahead and kill me. He says kill me like you killed that kid. Danny says I suppose I could but I am saving you for a life in prison. Danny scared me for a minute. I thought he might actually shoot the suspect. Instead he cuffs him and takes him away.

Danny and Baez have the suspect Santana in an interrogation room and say he is in a lot of trouble. Santana wants him to take off the cuffs. Danny says he would like nothing better than to take the cuffs off and go at him. Danny says he fits the description of the shooter. Danny goes over Santana’s rap sheet. Santana says he looks like a lot of people and that police shoot people who look like him. Santana asks for a lawyer so Danny and Baez leave.

Erin and Danny are talking. Erin says the people are angry that a police officer shot someone with his arms up. Danny says but this suspect shot a cop at point blank range. Erin says she will not charge Santana until Danny has him dead to rights.

Jamie and Eddie run into Eric who has packed his box and is leaving. Eric says his home address got leaked and he is afraid for his wife and kids so he is transferring to Staten Island. I am hoping he is moving his family too.

It is at the Reagan family dinner. Grandpa Henry thinks Santana should be charged. Frank says charging Santana in the wake of the events is not a good idea. Erin says the standards of evidence make it clear they cannot charge Santana. Even the two grandsons and granddaughter Nicky get involved in the discussion. It is good to hear their opinions and questions.

Danny says the suspect could have taken that knife to Officer Eric Russell’s neck so the officer did the right thing. It seems like the grandkids don’t understand that. Frank talks about there has to be trust and until that trust is back, neither side is going to be safe.

Frank is alone in another room. Erin comes in and says Nicky doesn’t mean any disrespect. Frank says she is just young. Erin says after a year of college Nicky is all knowing. Frank apologizes to Erin for putting her on the spot. Then she says I shouldn’t be saying this to you but the leak didn’t come from the mayor’s office. Frank asks if she identified the leak yet. Erin says no but they have identified the server and it was in the court house where the grand jury was impaneled. I think it was Erin’s ADA as she has been very verbal about charging Officer Russell.

Frank visits the mayor in the office. It is a Sunday. Mayor Poole says this is the city that never sleeps, haven’t you heard? Frank says he knows it wasn’t the mayor’s office who leaked the video. The mayor says the surgeon who operated on him also operated on the police officer. Frank says the union will take care of the police officer. The mayor says the police officer will never regain what he lost. The mayor agrees he was angry and that he didn’t know what damage his words would do. Frank says he couldn’t have known what would happen. The mayor says he broke his promise to the city. The mayor is going to resign and doesn’t want Frank to resign. He says the next mayor is going to need Frank’s help.

Danny is on the phone with someone. They ran everything at Santana’s apartment and found nothing so Santana walks in a few hours. Baez found video where the police officer was shot. Danny comes to look at it. Danny says to zoom in. They see the newsstand owner’s daughter there again.

Danny and Baez bring in the newsstand owner’s daughter. She says she didn’t see the cop get shot. Danny shows her the video of her staring at the shooter right after the police officer got shot. She says she doesn’t work at the newsstand fulltime. She goes to nursing school. She says the people in her neighborhood don’t trust the police. She says if she snitches, the people will come after her father. Danny says the shooter will shoot again. Danny says if she wants to protect her family, she has to identify the shooter. I am not sure I agree with Danny. Danny shows the girl some pictures and she identifies Santana.

Erin and her partner go to the ADA and say they know she leaked the video. The ADA says their presentation to the grand jury was only one sided. The assistant ADA is terminated immediately and Erin will get her disbarred and she will be charged with criminal contempt. The ADA says she is sorry about what happened with Officer Hays (the one who got shot) but she doesn’t regret what she did. Erin says that is even worse. The ADA leaves.

Mayor Poole is in his office and Frank is there. Frank said he came to tell the mayor personally they got an ID on Santana. The mayor says he won’t be Frank’s boss much longer; tell me what you really think. Frank says I don’t think you should step down. The mayor says that Frank is the only one in the 1 PP who thinks so. Frank says his people didn’t walk away. The mayor says you think I am taking the easy way out? Frank says no, lots of people think they can do the job better and even Frank has been guilty of saying that. Frank tells Mayor Poole he is a good man and a good mayor. The mayor thanks him. He says but when the DA (Erin) charges Santana there is going to be a public outcry about the difference between police officers and ordinary citizens. He says he doesn’t think he is the right guy anymore to talk people off the ledges. Frank says I think you are exactly the right guy.

Frank is at home waiting for something. His father Henry comes in with a drink. Danny comes over too. I guess they are waiting for the mayor to make his speech. Danny says he came over to make sure Frank doesn’t put his foot through the TV. Then Jamie shows up. It is good to see the Reagans support each other. Even Erin shows up. She says is this a secret meeting of the Reagan boys club. Grandpa says lucky you are a charter member. They go to watch the TV. The mayor is making his speech. He talks about how he expressed his own anger and that was a mistake and he regrets it. He says the death of Diego Perez (the kid that Officer Russell shot) was a tragedy and that Santana acted like a coward and deserves to be punished. He says let the city do its work. Mayor Poole says nothing about retiring. Frank says the mayor made a mistake and owned up to it. Danny says he wonders if the mayor got some good career advice from someone, maybe the PC which is the police commissioner which is Frank.  Frank tells everyone in the room that he is proud of them and the last few days would have been worse without them. What a great heartfelt ending to the episode. What an amazing last episode of the season. See you in the fall for season seven. What did you think of the episode?