The Blacklist: (S03E21) ‘Susan Hargrave’

I now truly believe that the death of Lizz has improved this series drastically mainly because every person now has a sense of purpose and an objective. This is making the plot better and adding the whole other group into the mix this just is too good.

We got to see Red doing all sorts of cons and strategic plays from getting to an airport which couldn’t find his retina in a system to actually ambushing the ambush that was there for him.

He also wanted to make an entrance but he failed to do so as the door opened to slowly 😂

Back at the Agency they are uncovering the connection (to show us) and Red is doing the dirty work as usual. Almost every person is in someone’s pocket including the Us Attourney.

What was the most impressive part? I would go with the part where he shot the woman who is responsible for the death of Lizz as the operation went sideways and still managed to become allies against Kirchoff. 

It will be entertaining to see how Kirchoff turns out to be. Expect to see a full time politician type person. 

Great episode can’t wait for the next.