The Goldbergs (S03E22) “Smother’s Day”

Review: Adam wants to go to Space Camp and tries to convince Murray to let him go, but he of course says no. As a final chance to get his dad to say yes, Adam goes to Pop Pop to ask him about the dreams Murray had when he was a kid. When Pop Pop shows Adam Murray’s childhood dummy and tells him about how he wanted to be a ventriloquist, Adam steals the puppet to show it to Murray. Murray however is not happy to see it and gets angry when he realizes that Adam only uses the puppet to convince him to say yes to Space Camp. When leaving the puppet everywhere around the house doesn’t help either, Adam gets angry at Murray and tells him that he is just as bad as Pop Pop because he’s not supporting his dream. This hurts Murray and he starts talking about his childhood and the things Pop Pop did to him and didn’t do for him. Later Murray goes to Pop Pop to bring back the dummy and after talking to him, Murray doesn’t want to be the one who crushes Adam’s dreams, so he eventually ends up sending Adam to Space Camp.

It’s Mother’s Day and Adam has found the time to get his mom a Mother’s Day gift (in between begging Murray to send him to Space Camp). Barry and Erica however seem to have forgotten the holiday and need to come up with a plan not to disappoint Beverly. They both give her a coupon, and Bev wants to cash them in right away, together with all the other coupons they have given her over the years to make it the best Mother’s Day ever. But after honoring a few coupons, Barry and Erica are sick of it and tell Beverly that she can’t use the coupons anymore because they’ve all expired. Beverly is disappointed and because they have taken back all their gifts for her, she does the same and takes all their things from their rooms. Barry and Erica try to make up with a rap and a song (both not so great) so that they can get their stuff back, but Beverly isn’t impressed. That’s when they really realize that they messed up so they try to make up with a special breakfast. This doesn’t go exactly as planned as they almost burn down the kitchen, but the fact that they tried, makes Beverly happier than ever.

This was a fantastic episode. Both storylines were really funny, but also very touching in the end. Every scene the dummy was in, was just great and I loved the scene of Murray and Maury vs. Adam and Alf (especially the puppet bomb). Both grandpas were really good this week as well. Pops had some of the funniest lines again in this episode and I think Judd Hirsch is really great as Pop Pop. Also, I didn’t expect Bev to react the way she did after her kids totally trashed the kitchen, but I think it was very sweet. It’s the thought that counts!

Rating: 9.5/10

This is my new favorite Pops line:

Happy Smother’s Day to all the (s)mothers out there!