The Originals: (S03E20) ‘Where Nothing Stays Buried’ 

Imagine you were locked up away from your family at the age of 5 but then you get a chance to be with them ages later. 

You are now given a choice to save your friend or your family. Who would you choose? 

In the case of the Mikaelson family  they have lived for so long, they have put themselves above everyone every single time and some may argue they deserve to die. But that would be if it was a real life thing.

But series wise. They can’t die, because the show is based on them. But you can start hating them or choosing other characters you like more now. 

In this episode Lucain gets killed but at a price which Klaus knew. He even decided to help Devina someone who has caused him so much damage and he hates her but because of Cami he decided to help her and to make sure his brother doesn’t have the same fate as his. 

But what I think the writers are trying to do is show that Klaus still keeps Cami to his heart and for that reason they now have painted Elijah and Freya as the new evil ones.

I for one am thinking Klaus is loosing his Klausy touch. His name which used to scare people away now just makes people go ‘Awww’ meaning he isn’t the same ballistic person as before. No head count just Lucian this episode, he decided to set up Hailey with Elijah and he was the person this time trying to calm the situation between Elijah and Marcel. 

His job description has changed like he has swapped roles, Freya more to be specific is he one who is the new Klaus.

But with Devina now gone there is a fracture in the family, Marcel now out to get revenge has the piece he was missing to be an equal. He can now be like Lucian.

With Aurora still not out of the picture, it is interesting to see her role. But even more interesting is what happens between Marcel and the Mikaelsons. 

But here is my prediction. The original family will not be affected. Only person that can die is Kol (he isn’t a regular) and Marcel is also a regular and he won’t die. The only thing that can happen is that he ends up going back to being with the originals. 

What are your predictions of the next episodes? Think of it as a therapy session lol 😂