The Vampire Diaries (S07E21) “Requiem for a Dream”


I must start this review saying that Bonnie (Kat Graham) slayed in this episode! Ok, let’s begin with our recap.

Last week episode ended with Bonnie receiving the last life of Reyna Cruz and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) learning that Bonnie will be the new hunter. This week episode started right there, where Bonnie woke up and shockingly burned Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and decapitated Caroline (Candice King) I was like “what?!” but it turned out to be a dream. Bonnie actually was in a dreamlike state where her new “hunter brain” was rewriting all her memories and her personality to hate vampires. As Enzo put it “Bonnie being Bonnie…” refused to wake up because she didn’t want to kill her friends. So, just as last week episode Bonnie has kind of accepted death.

But as always, her friends are not willing to let Bonnie die, therefore Stefan (Paul Wesley) came up with a theory. He remembered that Reyna told him once that she didn’t wanted to kill him but she could not help her instincts. Therefore, his theory was that if Bonnie connects again with her humanity then she could try to control her new hunter’s instincts.

With this theory on the table, Caroline (Candice King) wanted to be the first to test the theory. Invading Bonnie’s dream-state she tried to help her connect with her humanity but failed. Bonnie staked Caroline and when she disconnected from Bonnie a mark appeared on Caroline’s chest. This storyline where Caroline is “marked” has me a little like “what?! How’s even possible to be marked without the Phoenix Stoner the sword?!” but well, maybe it could be a plot issue or I misunderstood the real deal with the Phoenix Stone. Anyway, after Caroline’s failed, Enzo tried the same thing, he also failed and Bonnie marked him too. The last one to try was Damon, where he tricked her to ripped out his heart which made her woke up from her dream like state with a fury and hatred towards vampires. She even tried to kill Damon but Matt helped him and kidnaped Bonnie but she escaped.

On another note, Stefan and Caroline finally got their talk about what happened throughout those 3 years. So, Stefan tried to justify his abandonment to Caroline, while she wasn’t buying his “explanations”. My favorite part: “I was so desperate, that I even called Klaus for help, who is nowhere to be found, by the way.” My least favorite part: Stefan, vervained Caroline just because she didn’t wanted to run away from Bonnie after she was marked, even when Caroline only wanted him to respect her decision. That was a very bad move, Stefan, if I was Caroline I would never forgive you! Later on the episode, Bonnie called her and told her about how much she wanted to kill her. This bit was the trigger to make Caroline decided to run with Stefan. In my eyes, anyway I don’t see them to kiss and make up anytime soon, and I hope so because right now Caroline needs to be alone and needs to put herself first for once.

At the end of the episode we learned that all hope is not dead, there might be a way to help Bonnie. If they open the Armory (which have the great evil inside that escaped the vault) so they can find the body of the shaman that represents the last life of Reyna, and they disconnect their connection, maybe then Bonnie can let go of her new found hatred for vampires. 

In summary: Bonnie is he new hunter, she does not want to kill her friends but she can not help herself right now. Caroline, Enzo and Damon had been marked by Bonnie. Stefan and Caroline are now running away from Bonnie. Matt is willing to help Bonnie connects with her humanity. Enzo came up with the idea of finding out the body of the last shaman. 

So, what did you thought about the episode? Did you liked it? Remember to write a comment with your opinions.

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